‘’We are not In or Against Yakumba’s revoction’’ Minority Leader


By Aramata Jatta
The Minority Leader of the National Assembly said as minority leader and member for Niamina Dankunku, they are not in or against the revocation of Hon. Yakumba Jaiteh’s nomination as member of the National Assembly.
Simply because the issue at hand is one of ambiguity or an argument over a constitutional provision .
He made this statement yesterday at a press conference in his office at the Assembly offices Banjul.
‘’When we got the news over the weekend about the revocation of Hon. Jaiteh’s nomination, as a tradition The majority leader in consultation with my office, suggested that we convene an all party caucus to discuss the issue which I agreed thus we jointly convene all party caucus’’.
He reiterated that as the name implies, an all party caucus of the National Assembly is not an official thing but normally it is an informal forum of all parties in the Assembly to discuss pertinent issues aimed at reaching a consensus among themselves r before an official proceeding to the Assembly for consideration and approval.
‘’I wish to put on record that the resolution made at the All-Party Caucus is not binding and those not represent the decision of the Assembly in Chambers’’.
Adding that the circulated signature list of 31 Hon. Members does not stand or suffice as a support of an agreement to the said resolution but it was a mere attendance list for those who just attended the all party caucus.
He said There were different views at the all-party caucus and those views need to be reflected noting that they call to seek legal opinion on the matter and to follow due procedure.
If the resolution was intended to have backing of the Assembly, it should have been drafted in proper motion form condemning the act, and submitted to the clerk of the National Assembly for it to be included in the business of the Assembly.


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