We are Not on “strike” But……………..


By Tida Jaiteh
The President of the Academic staff of the Gambia College Andrew Gomez told the Daily News that they are not on strike and that is why lecturers are reporting to school, he however said if the situation is left unsolved lecturers may not come to work.
The Gambia College is one place where for two weeks there has been no effective lectures ; this is an alarming issue and a concern to all students of the College. Currently students are preparing for their semester and there is virtually no effective lectures a worrisome situation indeed.
The Daily News roaming report caught-up with the president of The Gambia College academic staff Andrew Gomez within the College premises; and was asked to throw light on the issue. Gomez confirmed that there has not been any effective learning in the college due to several factors but key among has to do with finance.
Over the years, lecturer’s salaries have been delayed and despite all efforts to solve it but nothing has changed yet. “We are not benefiting from the 50% salary increment pronounced by the Finance minister some six months ago, the pay for the holidays session for classes conducted is not paid and our salaries are not paid up to date” he stressed. These and many more issues are the reasons for the ineffectiveness of lectures.
Gomez went on to say: the amount of money required to pay the salaries of the staff of the College per annum stands at D3.3million out of which the subvention received from the government is just D1.1 million dalasi however due to the late payments of such subventions the problem remains the same.
“We are not on strike and that’s why we are reporting to school but if these issues are not addressed, lecturers might not report to class.”
The administration openly promised the staff since the 4th April 2019, at the graduation ceremony that all pending issues will be solved, but nothing is done as we speak, Gomez added. He urged the students to stay calmed for the situation will soon be remedied.
Malang S Jabang is a student who described the current situation as unfavourable to the entire students. “Its two weeks now and we have not started any lesson, time is not waiting for us” he lamented.
He thanks the Education Minister for her tireless efforts in trying to solve the problems.

The Academic president acknowledge the amount of patient, commitment and loyalty the lecturers have been to The Gambia College, despite the problems they faced.


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