We still have what it takes to Change a Government


By Almamo Kamaso
Thousands of United Democratic Party (UDP) militants descended on the village play grounds of India in the Illiassa constituency over the week end. The occasion was graced by the Leader and Secretary General of UDP Lawyer Ousainou Darboes in recognition as father of Sankala Marong society of the of India.
Addressing the jubilant UDP men and women all in their golden yellow colours, Lawyer Darboe told them that its it time for the party militants to start to prepare themselves for the upcoming elections . He said a party who do not prepare itself until election times will certainly not have a good result. He called on his supporters to consolidate their gains and not allow any divisions. The UDP is stronger today that ever he assured the militants.
“I am impressed with what I have seen this night as UDP supporters lined up along the road stretching from Barra here in Illiassa eventhoug its late and I have no doubt that this momentum will continue to the day of elections” Darboe said.
Darboe warn members that they must not allow anybody to deceive them by inducements under the cover of the UDP. The UDP he said has its principles of transparency and anybody who do not go by those principles cannot be seen to be one of them.
He told the crowd that the UDP has all its organs including the National Youth Wing and therefore any other youth wing introduced other than that is not UDP.
Lamin Dibba the Senior Administrative Secretary of the UDP told members that 30% of the new executive of the party is made up of youths and that clearly shows that the UDP cares for the youth and is on the move of preparing their young ones for future leadership of the party.
However Dibba told the crowd that nobody should come to them and be listened under the pretext that they are UDP in selling another agenda. “We cannot allow people to hide under the UDP in selling another agenda” Dibba said. Ours is a registered political party and have all its structures in place and should not mistaking for another he concluded.
Deputy regional Chairman Sainey Sabally told the leader and Secretary General of the UDP that they the voters still have what it take to change a government.
He told the people that they have voted the dictator out and that they are ready to take care of any situation similar to the previous one. “We have the same means and we are waiting for the right moment” Sabally said
The newly elected National Youth President Hon Sulayman Saho told the rally that the UDP did not recognised any youth grouping other than the party’s youth wing of which he is the President. Any other youth movement is not UDP and our members should not have any business to do with them.
The deputy Secretary General and Leader of the UDP; Ajaratou Mariama Secka commended the membership for their undivided support since the inception of the party some 23 years ago. She said no amount of beatings and tortures had made them change the support they have for their party under the leadership the former brutal regime and therefore she is convinced that no amount of inducement will change that support. She thank them and encourage them to further strengthen their gains to get to their final destination.
The occasion was attended by most of the UDP members of the National Assembly who were all welcomed by Hon Bakary Camara of Illiassa constituency. Other people who attended the function are party executives and militants of the diaspora.


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