Where are the Reforms????????????


This government is getting to three years and the basic promises are or cannot be seen or felt. When the Gambians decided a few years ago they decided on a very clear pillars as promised by the then coalition opposition parties who are now the government of the day.
The change of government from a dictatorial regime to what Gambians expect to be a democratic and a government that respects the rule of laws. Above all a government that will bring us a lot of changes in terms of reforms. There is no iota of doubt in this government of not being democratic and one cannot say that this Barrow led government grossly violates people human rights.
Where this coalition government led by President Adama Barrow is seeing failing Gambians is in the area of political, security and Social reforms. The promise Gambian had from them whiles they were campaigning for the positions they holding now was basically reforms.
The most important reforms that this government should or much pay attention to is in the area of security reforms. The security sector needs much attention bearing in mind that the Jammeh government was a military government eventhoug there were elections. He himself was a security person and therefore he was acting more like a security man than a civilian president.
The Jammeh regime has politicised the security sector and we got to a point where some of the soldiers and police behaves as if they are the governors. During those times the solders and equally the police do have the tags or pictures of the former president on their uniforms as if that is part of their uniforms. That habit needs to change.
Currently our army is believed to have so many Jammeh loyalists because the recruited men and women who were to serve in our army must have the endorsement of the former President Jammeh before enrolled. This goes beyond the former President. Some in fact are even saying his mother also do have her own list of men and women to serve in our army. True or not we as a paper have not verify and establish that as fact or false.
These assumptions are all the reasons why the security reforms is needed. The Daily News is of the opinion that our security needs a lot of vetting and that without that as a nation we are not secured.
The information that is infiltrating our Medias; that some of the Jugglers who did committed a lot of heinous crimes against Gambians and none Gambians alike are now living in Guinea Bissau. These alleged criminals are using our Gambian passports bearing deferent names as a cover up.
How come these criminals are able to have a change of names and holding our passports? If the claims are true then this government must do something about it the soonest. And this is why we need the reforms.
The political reforms also need to take off the grounds but we are yet to see meaningful changes politically.
The electoral reforms a leading cause of the change of the government in 2016 is yet to happen.
Some patriotic Gambians took the streets in April of 2014 to call for an electoral reforms and they were met with a stiff measures resulting into the death of some of them and one of the death person was late Solo Sandeng.
We need law reforms, security reforms, social reforms and political reforms; therefore the Barrow led government need to act as there is no much time on their side. Live to your campaign promises Mr. Barrow and team, or face the consequences.


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