Why is Sir Dawda’s Name Missing on the OIC Conference Building??


The just inaugurated magnificent (OIC) conference hall is said to have been named after the late and former president of the republic of the Gambia Alhagie Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara and how come his name is missing on the bill board attached to the building?
The fifty million dollar project was a grant from the People’s Republic of China (PPC) to the people of Gambia. The edifice was all over in the media right from the beginning of the program Saturday morning that the hall is named after the president Dawda Jawara. The family members of Sir Dawda were present led by the former first lady Chilel Jawara, and a daughter of Dawda Jawara gave a remark in honor of his father.
It’s a very appropriate thing for the edifice is named after Sir Dawda, as he laid a very good foundation of true and fruitful friendship between the Gambia and China when he was president of the Gambia.
The former President visited China four times and succeeded in bringing in numerous Chinese projects into the Gambia. These projects included the Independent Stadium in 1985, the Banjul Supreme Court complex, the new police headquarters, the building of shed at the McCarthy Square in Banjul and many other supports to our education and health sectors.
However what is very disappointing is the missing of the name of Sir Dawda in the name of the edifice written in bold writings as THE GAMBIA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTER.
Is it a mistake and if it is a mistake then it must be a very expensive mistake that need to be corrected now and then.
But if on the other hand it’s not and the government felt that it should remain as it is , then the whole nation and world at large are deceived. Because since the name Sir Dawda is missing then the entire praise heap on the old man were false , and that the Gambia government never meant their word.
The only decent thing for the Gambia government to do is to apologized to the Jawara family for fooling them and by extension the nation.