Why Turkish Buses Not On Roads?


The Turkish government did donate some 20 new buses to the government of the Gambia some months ago and yet these buses are still not on our roads, but rather they can be seen packed in the premises of the Gambia Transport Services at the Kanifing depot.
The Eid feast or locally called Tabaski is just around the corner and it will require lots of movement by citizens especially Moslems going from one destination to another; and currently the bus company has lot of their buses grounded due to mechanical breakdown.
Therefore, the question one may ask is – why are the 20 buses donated by the Turkish government still not used but packed at the bus depots in Kanifing? There is abundance evidence that the government of the Gambia is in dire need of the buses to reduce the burden of transportation of people and good across the country.
The Daily News has confirmed reports that all that the bus company is waiting for is a simple transfer of ownership of the buses from the Ministry of Works and Transportation to the company for them to use the buses.
The bus company from our irrefutable sources has engaged the ministry several times on the issue but yet still no positive results have come out of it. Citizens are suffering while the bureaucracy is at work.
Many passengers are currently finding it very difficult to move from one point to another because the service of the company is not as effective as it used to be. The buses do always have frequent breakdowns as they ply the provincial roads. The other commercial vehicles are now making good use of the absence of the buses on our high ways.
If the 20 new Turkish buses are allowed to ply the roads such difficulties can be minimized or solved altogether. The concerned ministry and government should speedily execute transfer of ownership to the bus company so that they can maximize the availability of the buses.
The mere fact that this transfer is not effected, the buses would just be wasting at the depot of the company and also lot of the expected income that the buses should have generated would be lost as they would not be forthcoming.
The bus service should now be expanded to the Kombos and around the greater Banjul areas as lots of commuters are seen stranded on our highways on week days as citizens rush to go to work.
During the hay days of the GPTC there used to be great deal of services in and around the Greater Banjul Areas. School bus services were also in place to make schools accessible. All of these are no longer happening because the company does not have the capacity.
The Ministry of Works and Transport should do all what it can within their powers to get the 20 new buses on our roads as we need these buses more today than ever.


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