Wish TRRC Team a Successful Accomplishment of Mission


The Truth Recompilation and Reparation Commission begins its long awaited hearing today at the Dunes Resort Hotel at the back of Palma Rima hotel in the Kotu.
The expectations of the Gambian people are very high on both the Commission as an institution and its Commissioners as straightforward people of high integrity. This is so because as almost every Gambian is affected in the past 22 years.
The past 22 years were marred with numerous injustices and not a single justice could have been achieved under the system. Justice could not be achieved because those who were supposed to make justice happen were the perpetrators of many of those injustices inflicted on decent people of all works of life.
We thank Allah that now, here is comes a commission that will avail those people of decent personalities who suffered just because of their political differences will have an opportunity to express what had happen to them. Thanks to Allah that the opportunity will finally be given to those whose fundamental human rights were abused will have an opportunity to talk about what had happen to them with the hope that people will confess to their crimes.
The Daily News has at one time express an opinion in our editorials several years ago that the long arms of the laws will hunt those who inflicted harms and have pleasure in tormenting people just because they do not share the same political feelings. And because they are at a positions in the then government; they could use those positions and maltreat these decent citizens of our beloved nation.
We at them Daily News are looking forward to a very treble revelations and we are of the opinion that the revelations expected from the TRRC will send viewers and readers of the hearings into shock and tears.
Any way above and all the citizens should be given all opportunity to come face to face with their violators of their God given rights to get an apology from them. Many citizens and even none citizens have lost their lives from these cruel regime and there cannot any amount of justice that will bring those people back to life, nor can the TRRC make those orphans have their patents back. Nor can it make those widows regain the love and caring from their dead husbands.
The system has made many have huge material losses and it would look like impossible for them to have any recovery of those losses. But many people also are disabled due to some in humane treatments and we at the Daily News wonder if some of them can recover their ability any more.
Finally we hope at the end of the mandate of the TRRC Reparation will be meet ; which may not satisfy one hundred percent recovery but could help meet half way to whatever mishap the perpetrators must have inflicted on them.
We wish the TRRC team and successful accomplishment of mission.


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