Workers Lack Protective Gears at Salam Cement Factory


By Aramata Jatta
The Salam cement factory Gambia limited employees are at high risk of obtaining health implications, as they have no protective gears or mechanism put in place during working hours to protect them.

Salam Cement Company is a cement re-bagging company located at Denton Bridge with over 150 workers which consist of staff, contractors and daily laborers with a capacity of re-bagging 250,000 to 300,000 50kg bags per month.

The workers of the company lamented bitterly of non-staff welfare and low wages as the National Assembly Select Committee on Trade visited the company to spot check on the operations of the factory.

Hon. Muhammed Mahanerra Chairman of the committee told the Salam Company that their committee is set up by an act of parliament to monitor the performance of institutions and ministries under their jurisdiction.

He made it categorically clear that their mission is not to witch hunt but instead they are on a fact finding mission to ensure transparency and policy compliance.

Ebrima Sinera General Manager of Salam Cement Company expressed sincere gratitude over the visit by the NAMs.

Dwelling into the strategic plans of the company Sinera told the law makers that his company is about to migrate from re-bagging to production of cements.

He said the sole purpose of this migration is to make cement affordable to very Gambian.

Manager Sinera told NAMs that the main factor that lead to the recent cement crisis was due to the fact that demand was higher than the supply.

Members of the committee implored on the management to improve the living conditions of its workers and the general manager assured them all the lapses will be dealt with immediately.

Similar visit was made to the Jah oil cement factory were members were taken on a tour of the factory to look at the daily operation of the company.

Workers of the cement factory expressed satisfaction over their working condition while the management of the company called on the Government to create their own jetty at Mandinaring in other to expand their businesses and cater for the demands of the general public


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