Youth Empowerment Project on Course


The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) that is tasked to empower the youths of the country with the require technical skills and knowledge is on course as it has just graduated more than one hundred grandaunts in one of the private institutions.
Just few days before this weekend EU Ambassador has favourably spoken about some of the mile stones achieved by the YEP. The Ambassador was speaking at a celebrations of the European Day at the Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute (GTHI).
This was followed by Insight Training Centre who just graduated more than one hundred students from different skills trainings. From plumbing, electoral Installations, Craftsmanship and journalism just to mention a few.
The YEP project is formulated in order to provide skills to our youthful cream of the country so that there can be a permanent stop to the backway syndrome. These youths who lack skills always think the solution to their hardship is Europe.
Apart from the Insight Training Centre ; there were other institutions be they private of public who are also engaged in providing skills for our youth ; the EU and the ministry of Trade are all busy over the years providing the needed skills and knowledge for our youths to facilitate national development.
The government of the Gambia under President Adama Barrow is doing well in the area of enhancing the building of capacities of our youth. However it is not only enough to give skills but rather very much important that those youths who acquire skills are able to put their skills into use.
The 123 students who have just acquired the skills in various fields such as journalism, constructions, Electrical Installations and other technical areas will have their knowledges useless if they do not have any start up capitals to put their skills into practices.
The government of the Gambia should be able to facilitate loans to if not all but some of the students who graduates from the skills training courses for better utilities of their knowledges.
The Daily News is aware that the ministry of Trade and Employment also have some package of enterprise training but yet whether or not any seed capital is given is not yet clear to the paper.
If the government is able to create a sort of a revolving funds from the monies that are put aside for the YEP ; that money could serve such purposes as revolving funds to take care of grandaunts having some where to start after their graduations from the various skills training centres.
Providing skills and leaving the grandaunts walk out of the centres after the end of training empty hands might not be aloe to deliver as the objectives of the project and its funders. The Daily News is therefore calling on the project experts to being thinking along those lines before it is too late.


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