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“2021 Election is a do or die ” Mayor Lowe

By Almamo Kamaso
The Lord Mayor of Banjul, Agi Rohey Malick Lowe Saidykhan , speaking at a political gathering in Kunkujang Keitaaya Saturday said the 2021 Presidential election is a do or die one. Lowe Saidykhan said the distractors who tell Gambians that the United Democratic Party (UDP) is a Mandinka party is unfounded and baseless.
“The executive of the party is made up of all tribes, I am an executive member and a non Mandinka, Agi Yam Secka deputy party leader a non Mandinka, Agi Yamundawn Yabo, the National Party a non Mandinka , the list of executive members of the UDP who are none Mandinkas can go on and on” said Lowe Saidykhan.
The Lord Mayor abominates tribal politics and politics of personalities, which is pedal by some politicians and said “we should engage in politics of issues as a way forward”.
She felt bad by issues raised by speakers particularly women speakers on the occasion, which includes the lack of clean water and the deplorable conditions of roads within the communities of Kunkujang Keitayaa.
The Mayor told the gathering that she was shocked by the revelation that due to these deplorable conditions of the road networks women deliver in the streets before reaching health facilities.
The area of Kunkujang Keitayaa does not have a health facility a woman leader Agi Sarr said. She continued to say when they vote in leaders them (leaders) ends up dumping them, this will have to stop and history will never repeat itself once more. She called on her fellow women to vote Barrow out as he failed to deliver as promised.
Mayor Lowe told the crowd that, they should make sure that they and their children who are of age should be registered and when the time comes for elections, they should all vote for the Yellow party, that is the only solution to all these predicaments.
The Mayor warn against none Gambians taking part in our elections. The elections are for Gambians and that none Gambians should stay away from our domestic politics. None Gambians are welcome in the country and they can participate in all aspects of our development but should distance themselves from our domestic politics.
Addressing the political meeting honorable Madi M.K.Ceesay of Serekunda West urged all eligible Gambians to look for voter’s card and vote in for UDP. He said it’s not only to have an ID card that can give a voters card; but birth certificates , Alikalos document and attestation are all possibilities of getting a voters card so all should look for one of the named documents to be registered.
On the draft Constitution, Hon Ceesay told the meeting that the draft was killed by Adama Barrow and team at the cabinet level, which was unfortunate as Gambian tax payers had put up to 127 million dalasi on the draft. However all efforts are at work now trying to retable the draft , which was prematurely buried at the National Assembly in September of 2020.
Ceesay assured the meeting that they (UDP) members will not compromise and change on the draft when it returns to the Assembly. The 1997 constitution and the draft are all good for the UDP to go with, so we are ready to go with either Constitution.
The rally was on the occasion for the 14 villages of Old Yundum Constituency (OIC) women group who hold Mayor Lowe as Mother. The juncture was attended by the diaspora chapters of Italy, Finland and Germany. Dawda Sowe the father of the group was also in attendance.

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