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Home Editorial 625 Senegalese Forces in Gambia for What???

625 Senegalese Forces in Gambia for What???

The Gambia is not an island and therefore must have something to do with other countries; but that relationship should not compromise its sovereignty.
Way back in the 1960s, the Gambia has signed an agreement with our neighbors Senegal and when our men in uniform attempted to topple the Jawara regime in 1981, under the leadership of late Kukoi Samba Sanyang, the PPP government evoke that agreement and the Senegalese troops came to the rescues of the PPP regime.
How many of them came, the Daily News cannot say but the troops were in their hundreds and they were able to quelled the coup and Sir Dawda Jawara was restored under a heavy Senegalese military guards.
The relationship went from one point to another to a point, where confederation emerged and which was eventually called the Senegambia Confederation. The leadership of confederation was to be on a rotational basis, however things never went on as planned, and the relationship brooked prematurely. The rest of that is history now.
In 2016, after the Jammeh regime was defeated by a coalition and he President Jammeh refuse to concede defeat after accepting the first announcement. The country was almost on fire. The regional block, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) sent in troops to take care of the security of the county as at that time the Gambian security were not trusted by the incoming government.
Up to date these troops called ECOMIG are still in the Gambia; and they have over stayed and are no longer welcome by ordinary citizens. In recent times there are reported cases of the members of ECOMIG alleged of some criminal acts such as killings by accidents and man handling of civilians.
The recent announcement by Gambia government and the actual arrival of Senegalese troops on our soil should be treated with great care. The stories are not clear as the government side of the story is that they the usual change of troops; whiles other sources are saying that the troops are here for election duties.
What should be clear is that the ECOMIG ate overstretching their stay and that our government must not place foreign troops over our own men and women in uniform; it could be dangerous.

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