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7 Families of Green Youth Resides in Anti-Crime H/Q

Almamo Kamaso

The families of seven former Green Youth are currently residing at the Head Quarters of the Anti-Crime unit in Bijilo. These families are homeless as since the fall of their party APRC they have no place to go. The members include young, old and youths, the Daily News can confirm.

The leadership of the Anti-Crime unit told members of the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Constitutional Matters, that the families are not part of the Unit but are members of the Green Youths. Asked further why these families are accommodated here all the Command can explain is that “this premises is formerly used by the Green Youths and they live here with their families”  The Committee was further informed that, this is where the Green Youths live, and they among other things have a bakery and they use to do animal rearing, however the leadership of the unit told the parliamentarians that , they are no more into such activities, but still these seven families are still here, Commander Sowe told the parliamentarians.

Taking a conducted tour of the premises, the Commander of the unit  took the members into one of the room full with stolen items recovered by the Anti-Crime  some of which they could not get anybody claiming ownership. He told the members that among their challenges are returning some of these recovered items as people don’t claim. “We need much exposure for people to claim their lost items” Sowe said


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