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7 Lost Mothers in 2 Weeks Whiles Giving Birth

By Fatou Dahaba

At least three women have died in the past weeks due to postpartum hemorrhage. Two give births to twins while the other one to a premature triplet. Matida Bojang President and co-founder of Gambian Women’s live matter said in a statement. She was addressing journalist during a press briefing.  Bojang said  the recent cases of maternal mortality in the Gambia are nothing short of scarring.

She said they want there to be a law or policy that would allow women to stay in the Gambian hospital for at least two days if they choose to, especially if they had  complicated birth.

Bojang  continues that they demand the health care professionals conduct tests to ensure that the women will be alive and well when they go home after giving birth. ‘Gambian hospitals and health centers need to commit to preventing more infant and maternal deaths, especially those that are easily preventable.’

The late Adama Darboe who gives birth to premature triplets was sent home the following day after she gives birth. She returned to the same hospital due to postpartum hemorrhage and was referred to Kanifing General Hospital, where they referred her to another hospital EFSTH where she pass away.

In another case last week, a young woman at the Brikama health center was pregnant and suspected that her  unborn child was dead  inside her , she informed the hospital but they did not take her claims seriously, a very bad odor started coming out of her mouth, which eventually blinded her. The hospital later discovered that her unborn child die inside of her, she is now blind.

Additionally the same week another pregnant woman was in critical condition and needed blood urgently and luckily for her a donor was found who donated her blood, however, the hospital allegedly forgot to do the blood transfusion and the young mother pass away.

All the seven babies were brought to the press conference by their families and this make it so emotional especially when babies cry and they are breastfeed by different people or with milk, this she said made some set tears.

Ebrima Darboe husband to late Adama Darboe and Ebrima Y Sambou brother to late Kumba Sambou both explained how their love ones die and blame the nurses for not doing their work appropriately; noting many of these deaths could have  been  prevented if the correct action is taken beforehand.

It could be recalled that Gambian Women’s Live matter took to the street some couple of months ago and made some demands to the Gambia government, however, they said they got  no response from the government up to date meaning there was no impact on the match pass.

Gambian Women’s Live matter movement is an initiative that was founded in response to the growing issue of maternal and infant mortality in the Gambia.


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