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A Man in ECOMIG Uniform Allegedly Stab a 17 Year Girl in an Attempt to Rape Her

By Dawda Baldeh
An ECOMIG Soldier allegedly stabbed a 17-year-old girl in Mankamang Kunda in the Upper River Region (URR) on Thursday night, in an attempt to rape her soon after the arrival of President Adama Barrow in his home village in Jimara. Eyewitnesses confirmed to the Daily News that the girl was bleeding after she was stabbed on her hand.

Oumou Mballow a native of Sare Musa in the Upper River Region was allegedly stabbed by a man in ECOMIG uniform a source closer to the family told this medium.

Njobo Jallow a brother to Mrs Mballow’s husband said the incident was shocking when it reached them. He said the girl was on her way to Mankamang Kunda with her friends to welcome the arrival of President Adama Barrow when the incident occurred.

He said this is not the first time such incidents are happening in the district. He alleged that such incidents are not uncommon in the region whenever the president visits his home town.

“Oumou Mballow is my brother’s wife and I was shocked to hear the news so I quickly rush to their home and check on her condition,” he said. He further told this medium that the alleged man should be identified and brought to justices.

“Upon hearing the news, I asked Oumou’s elder brother, because I wanted to talk to her. I ask the Oumou and she confirmed to me that the incident was true,” he said.

He stated that anytime that President Barrow visits his home town their kids normally go there to welcome him. But this incident is unfortunate, he said.

Oumou Mballow said she was on her way to Mankamang Kunda and she was stop by a man in ECOMIC uniform. “I met him around Julangel youth center and the man appear before me. He holds my shirt and asked me to lie down and I insisted not to do as he ordered.

He then threatens to kill me if I do not obey his command. I ask him to kill me because I will not lie down. He pointed his knife on my neck. I screamed for help but there was no one to rescue me. I saw a boy and I asked him to come and help me. The soldier threatens to kill the boy if he attempts to rescue me.

The boy was afraid and he left. I continue screaming louder until the soldier was scared that people may come out, so he then removed the knife from my neck and stabbed me on my hand,” the victim explained.

Yerro Mballow the victim’s brother said the incident is shocking to the entire family. He said the incident happened when he was at Julangel to collect his phone. “I met the girl with her friends at our compound gate and I ask her where are you going and she told me that they are going to Mankamang Kunda to welcome President Barrow. I informed them that there is a funeral at Mankamang Kunda but they still went,” said.

Mamadou Mballow the victim father said the incident is unfortunate and he called on the government to take actions against the perpetrators. “My daughter was lucky that she was putting on trouser and the man was not able to rape her.

The news reached to us last at night. Because it was late we couldn’t rushed her to the hospital. I asked her if she can identify the man but she told men that she cannot because the incident occurred at night and the place was dark,” he said. He urged the police to investigate the matter.

The Daily News has contacted the ECOMIG Public Relation Officer (PRO), Major Alfred Marteye to have their comments on the allegations label on their forces but he responded that no ECOMIG soldier was involved in such incident and he didn’t have any information regarding the allegations.

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