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A Month Long Presidential Tour Too Long

The President of the republic of the Gambia Adama Barrow is set for a month long tour of the country effective Monday 7th December 2020.  This is in fulfillment of the constitutional mandate of him, allowing him meet the people of the country at least once a year.

There is no harm and he is by all means okay within the parameters of the law to do so. What absorbed is going for a whole one month; it has never happen in the history of the country. Considering the large entourage which is not called for ,is this not a waste of state resources? The answer is off course yes it is a waste of stare funds.

There is already seizure of fleets of vehicles at the Denton Bridge; we suppose the mover is in preparations of the tour. Where is the State resourcing the fuel cost of all those vehicles and above all the accommodation and allowances of all those who will accompany the PRESIDENTAIL tour.

The National Assembly has just approved another six million for the 2021 meet the people’s tour. But owing to the fact that what was budgeted this year is also D6milion can the said D6 million foot the bill of a month long tour? The answer is definitely no.

The fact of the matter this government is not financially disciplined, and until the government is financially discipline there will be little progress we can achieve. it’s high time that the government of the Gambia cut its coat according to her size.

The budget before the parliament is with a deficit of D6 Billion prior to the cuttings by members of the National Assembly. How do we close the gap? We need some austerity measures and those measures have to include downsizing travel delegations, and limiting number of days which should cut across.

If that is to be the case, then it is the Office of the President that should lead in such austerity measures. Its rather very unfortunate that the President is going all out to widening his expenditures using the meet the people’s tour to 30 Days.

The President of recent have being cress crossi8ng the lengthen and breath of the Gambia in the name of laying foundations stoners of various projects , one would ask is it then necessary for this one month tour???



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