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A Thief Allegedly Stab House Owner to Death

By Dawda Baldeh
A thief has allegedly stabbed one Gibril Ceesay a house owner in Sanyang village Kombo South to death as he attempted to steal some properties in his friend’s house on Sunday night. Gibril is since laid to rest yesterday March 16th 2021 at the Sanyang cemetery.

After the shocking news sparked in the village, the youths of Sanyang took to the streets in a huge show of anger following the reported death of Gibril Ceesay who was stabbed by a Senegalese nationalist.

Family source said, the alleged killer stabbed Gibril Ceesay to death as he (Ceesay) tried to stop him from stealing from his friend Sunday night.

The residents of Sanyang took the streets with anger and attempt to get to the alleged killer. Road blocks were all over the streets early on Monday morning in solidarity with the shocking death of Gibril Ceesay.

The angry youths called on government to deliver justice in Gibril’s case adding, that the Senegalese has been causing many problems in their community. They (Youths) threatened to kill any Senegalese who do not leave Sanyang as they speak.

The young people of the village vent their anger the Police, by burning the police station after they discovered the accuse was rescued by the police by taking him to another station. They later burn the Nissim Fish Meal Factory where the alleged murderer work and demanding that all the Senegalese nationals leave Sanyang villlage.

Speaking at the protest, Ebrima Sanyang a friend of the victim and a native of Sanyang village, described Gibril’s death as great lost to the village. “Gibril Ceesay was a hard working young man who loves the village and gives respect to the elderly”, he said.

Sanyang added Gibril was a great son of the community. He was committed to the development of the community. Adding the village has lost a great son.

“We will not negotiate with anyone until the police come up will a panel to investigate Gibril’s case. Gibril is a father of 3 months baby. The youths are shocked and worried, Sanyang added. He was killed by a Senegalese and this is very painful”, said Gibril’s friend.
As the angry youths continue burning and stoning, the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) started using tear gas to calm the situation which cause a lot of harm for many. However they never calm the situation but the intervention of Deputy Governor of West Coast Region Musa Suso, who assured the angry youths that due process will be taken to address the problem.

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