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Africa Need to Accord Citizenship to African Descendant Returnees

Its hear broken as we celebrate 58 years of African Liberation Day and yet our brothers and sisters of African Descendants whose forefathers were forcefully taking away from Africa to work as slaves in the Caribbean Islands and on American tobacco fields are still seen as strangers on the African soil.
It may not only be heartbroken but one can go far to say it’s shameful fir such to happen after 58 years of what we call founding to the continental organization called OAU and later AU.
The Colonialist sailed all the way to Africa forcefully take our able sons and daughters of the continent , sail across the wild seas back with our sons and daughters packed like sardines in their boats feed with nothing and many of who perished on the way. These Africans suffered from all kinds of maltreatments in the hands of the slave traders.
After hundreds of years some of the Descendants of those able sons and daughters of our lands decided to come home and yet we the Africans who were lucky not be traded are refusing our own bloods of citizenship of where they come from, what a shame on African countries and their governments.
Small country the Gambia has made some difference positively toward according automatic citizenship to African Descendants as far back as in the 1980s when first president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara in Nigeria in one of the continental gatherings of African governments issued 20 passports to African Descendants as a show of welcoming them home.
In the same vein when Alex Haley discovers his roots to the Gambia is a small rural village of Juffureh; the same Jawara government was very receptive and an annual home coming root festival was put in place , all to encourage our African Descendants to come home. This spirit must continue and that to take it to a higher level this regime should think of according them automatic citizenship so that they can finally settled and push their development agenda.
Today a significant number of African Descendants are already integrated into many of our communities and are doing very well in terms of community development and to some extant national developments activities.
Some members this group (BLACK XIT) have lived here since 2015 and the number are increasing. The members are not liabilities as many are professionals, lawyers, journalists, accountants, medical doctors are son on.

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