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Agriculture and Health Tops UDP’s Five Point Agenda

By Almamo Kamaso
The United Democratic Party (UDP) , Bakadaji branch held a mass political rally in the URR at their village in the Jimara districts over the weekend.
Darboe told his militants that on the 8th of December 2021, after a UDP victory, the five point agenda will kick off. He promised that agriculture will be one of his governments agenda and priority. He unveiled that they are not promising that farmers gardens will not be watered with mobiles but rather we will pump more money into the sector. A UDP government will promote agro and mechanized farming. Gambians will never use primitive farming in a UDP government.
The UDP flag bearer informed his militants that on the 8th of December among their five point agenda will be health. Basse needs a hospital and not a health center, he said it is high time that the Basse health center is promoted to a hospital.
Addressing thousands of United Democratic Party (UDP) militants at a grand political rally in Bakadaji village in the Upper River Region (URR) Saturday the 24th July 2021, Party Leader and Secretary General Lawyer Ousainou ANM Darboe said the United Democratic Party is alive and kicking in the URR and particularly the Jimara district a s opposed to some misinformation that UDP is not in the URR.
The UDP leader recalled and paid tribute to some of the fallen heroes of UDP in the Jimara districts. He recalled the likes of Almamey Jagana of Demba Kunda, who he describe3d as a friend and brother, Alhagie Janko Drammeh, Alhagie Gineh Sankano Numuyel, Alhagie Tie Tunkara , Ba ASlahie Bajaha Baja Kunda these are among those who spread the message and established the UDP in the URR. He claimed that these are among those who killed the lion but not the self-claimed people who had only once stood on the platform of UDP.
The UDP flag bearer expressed the disappointed in the leadership of Adama Barrow who calls people from all parts of the country in the view of discussing developments , which includes the heads of villages and districts in the absent of ministers responsible for those portfolios . What kind of development is the president talking about and how can any president achieved such developments in the absent of the right ministers and technocrats? Darboe asked.
Darboe told his party militants that he was one of the government ministers who went to China and discussed and bring the roads and bridges projects in the URR. He said from Sara Bojo to Sandikunda saying that time is up. He claims that the fire that Adama said he is going throw some people into is that oine that rhe people of URR ate fanning and it will be clear that who that fire is going to consumed.

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