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Home Editorial Are we Serious not Allowing Gambia Transit for Dangerous Drugs?

Are we Serious not Allowing Gambia Transit for Dangerous Drugs?

If one ask the  question , if we as a nation is serious not allowing our shores to be used by bandits and worst criminal as transit point for their dubious drug deals ,the answer  would safely  be no, we are not the least serious stopping drug dealers using our land a transit point  . Since advent of this regime of Adama Barrow the country have seen a lot of drug seizures and so called destruction of catches of dangerous drugs.

Since the interception of the largest catch  in January of this year; which street value is valued at 88 million America dollars,  little did the government did to assure the citizens that the country refused to be used as drug transit point for dealers. It was not only after a long silence; that our government made some statements.  That is not a sign of good governance in terms of addressing things that impact very negatively on the country and her citizens.

“President Adama Barrow directed Security Chiefs to immediately constitute a ‘multi-agency taskforce’ that shall conduct a robust, thorough and impartial investigation into the case and ensure that all legal means are utilized in bringing the culprits to justice,” said Sankareh. “President Barrow unequivocally condemned drug abuse and trafficking, and declared zero tolerance for traffickers.”

Gambia has been used as a transit route for illicit drugs from South America bound for Europe and other destinations.

Yes the move by President Barrow to set up another investigative panel or called it commission to dig into the circumstances surrounding this very huge catch, but the question now is how serious is the government about the outcomes of such panels? The country have witness a lot more of such panels and the recommendations end up in the cabins only to catch dust as no actions comes out of them.

The other question is since the matter is in the Courts; one would wonder why is President Barrow interested in, which the courts will not be able to dig out? Will this multi-agency taskforce’ have powers equivalent to that of the Courts?  This is a clear indication of doubling efforts and also as sign of lack of confidence in our systems by our very own government

The wise thing for the government is to leave the courts does their job, since they the courts are already empowered by the law which, the task force do not have.

But that aside lets flash our memories to similar panels, commissions, and task forces whose jobs, one would say still remains unfinished.

The controversial Faraba Banta Commissions have done a very good job and advanced many recommendations but yet nothing had come out of those recommendations. The land disputes at Gunjur Berending again there are not much heard of that. In both cases the villages have loss of lives, in Faraba more than at least two or more.

The agriculture fertilizer scandal, where a former agriculture minister in the person of Omar Jallow was mentioned and up to date not much is heard of the case.  There was no prosecution so far, even though at one point in time the government said the reports were received and the Office of the President is waiting to be advised.

The diplomatic pass port scandal has also faded away. The nation was informed that some people were helping the police in their investigations into the matter; like the previous cases that has died away since. Also it was reported at one point that in the middle of the investigations a key suspect absconded. As you read this piece of editorial, the diplomatic passport scandal if not dead has gone under the carpet.

The Janneh Commission did a fantastic job by unveiling, millions of dalasi ill-gotten by the Jammeh regime. However many of the recommendations advanced by the commission is not implemented.

A gun investigative panel was also set up here and little or nothing is heard of the conclusions of that investigations; and now the multi-agency taskforce’ of the multi-million drug cases is in place. When will we graduate from formulation of investigative panes where tax payers foot the Bills of such and will end up fruitless?




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