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“As long as you a black man you are an African” President Barrow

By Dawda Baldeh
President Adama Barrow to the African Descendants , that as far as you are a black man you an African, he said this whiles having an audience with representatives of African Descendants at State House last Friday. The Descendants are assured of the President’s support and encouraged them to continued investing in the country.

The Descendants expressed their delight after meeting with President Adama Barrow on Friday, 10 June 2021 at the State House in Banjul. Nyancho Kujabi and Hatib expressed their total delight at being granted an audience by the President of the republic.

The descendants said the President was totally awesome and meeting with him has been totally meaningful and inspiring to them.

Speaking to the Daily News, Nyancho Kujabi (Juliet Ryan) said, we were surprised to learn that President Barrow actually watches our You Tube Channel BlaXit which has over 3.5 million viewers.

She said President Adama Barrow is intelligent and humble and he is also a dedicated leader.

President Barrow granted an audience to the African Descendants, who were represented by the following leadership: Nyancho Kujabi ( Juliet Ryan) Hatib Kujabi ( Adrian Ryan) Khafre Kujabi ( Khafre Lopez-Ryan) . Ryan said BlaXit Youtube Channel is dedicated to the positive promotion of Gambia and Africa.

Nyancho Kujabi said the President welcomed them home and he quoted Peter Tosh in saying “as long as you a black man you are an African,” Nyancho Kujabi quoted the president. She described the meeting with the president as rewarding. “I was totally inspired because, I always knew President Barrow is an inspirational person,” Nyancho Kujabi said.

Madam Kujabi said Barrow welcomed them with open arms. She further said President Barrow is a real pan Africanist and he is a great leader.

The group was led to the State House by, Honorable Majanko Samusa, Honourable Alagie Jawara, and Honourable Saikou Morang with the support of Chief Protocol Alagie Cessay and Protocal Wuday Cessay.

“We are glad that the President accepted us an Africans Descendants who want you return home and he welcome us,” said Nyancho Kujabi.

“Barrow is totally dedicated to the development of the country and he love the Gambian people,” said Nyancho Kujabi said.

She said Barrow is knowledgeable and he is concern about the development challenges Africa is facing.

For Hatib Kujabi, the meeting with the president was fruitful. “We are non political,” Hatib Kujabi said.

Hatib described the president as someone who loves and respect people and he is a real pan Africanist.

He said, it was great that the President Barrow welcomes them and he appreciated what they are doing.

As a president, “we love and respect him because he is humble,” Hatib Kujabi said.

“We thank the National Assembly members who accompanied us to the State House and they have been supportive since the beginning of our journey,” Hatib Kujabi said.

“He (Barrow) welcomes us to Africa and he thanks us for choosing Gambia as your home,” Hatib Kujabi said.

In a separate notes: African Descendants condemn message allegedly posted by Momodou Sabally on his Facebook and the message read:

“Certainly this idea of granting automatic citizenship to people of African descent from Europe, and Americas wishing to resettle in The Gambia is the #joke of the country…

We must eschew simplicity thinking and approach the matter of citizenship as a scared issue…” #kanasong

“And also, if your National Assembly member is one of those who were bought with free lunch and a token allowance to sell our citizenship on the cheap claim of African Descent without conditions, then you should confront him/her.”

Reacting to the message, Juliet Ryan the founder of BlaXit and COAD said the message from Momodou Sabally is totally discriminatory.

She added that the message is totally misleading people as to what the mission of African Descendants.

“The message of Momodou Sabally is disrespect to all our ancestors who fight for Africa to gain the independence that we are both enjoying today,” Nyancho Kujabi said.

Hatib Kujabi said Sabally’s message is not a sign of a good leader and he (Sabally) have disrespected and undermine the efforts of our African hero’s who were forcefully displaced and maltreated by the European and American during the era of slavery.

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