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Bakoteh Dumpsite is a Prickle in the Flesh

The Bakoteh dumpsite is a prickle in the flesh of the entire community that are living beside the dumpsite as the emission coming from the site is really making life very difficult for them. Currently the dumpsite is on flames and smoke is going into people’s homes making some faint as they suffer from other disease, such as asthma.

The entire communities are suffering for a very long time now from the horrible conditions of the dumpsite. The current Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) leadership under Mayor Talib Bensouda did inherit the unspeakable condition of the site.

Many of the residents living in the perimeters of the site called for a total transfer or relocation of the site as a permanent solution and many politician did promise to help in that direction but its yet to materialized; However the Bakoteh dumpsite continuous to impact very negatively on the lives of the people living around the site to date.

As you are reading this editorial piece, the Bakoteh dumpsite is in flames causing more harms health wise as smoke is all over within the vicinity of the dumpsite.

The management of the Dumpsite goes beyond the means of the Kanifing Municipality; and as the Deputy mayor of KM said , on quote “we invited the President of the Republic to the dumpsite who honored our invitation and promised to setup a task force to close the dumpsite, since then there was no updates”

KMC number two,  call on the government of The Gambia through NEA, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of a Local government and Lands to step up and take up their national responsibility… waste management is not a political issue but a national issue.

The Dumpsite is a health concern for not only the communities of Bakoteh, Dippa Kunda, Manjai Kunda and the SoS, rather it’s a national concern.

We are commending the KMC for the steps already underway as mitigation, such as the D25 million dalasi project, and the D9 million fencing project.

This however  is beyond the Council but the government needs to pay much attention to the issues of the Dumpsites as tens of thousands lives are at risk. These large numbers of Gambians people are tax payers and they have a right to health and better environment.

The dumpsite issues need to have Central government involvement and should not leave everything to kanifing Municipal Council (KMC).



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