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Bakoteh Dumpsite is not a Political Matter…Deputy Mayor

A D9 million projects is currently being used to fence the Bakoteh dumpsite and another D25 million shall be launched soon.

The Bakoteh dumpsite is on flames all these days affecting the people living alongside the perimeters of this  huge dumpsite, this paper took it upon themselves to talk to the Deputy Mayor of the KMC, Musa Bah and some of the residents living in  Manjia and this is what they say:.

Deputy Mayor told the Daily News that, his Municipality has written to the government of The Gambia for the past one year to provide an alternative site for dumping which has not materialized.

The Council in its efforts, brought partners who have the capacity to turn waste to energy to  the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) which was not supported … “we want to let the government know that the dumpsite is a national issue and must be treated as such” Said Bah.

Hon Bah , said  KMC has also spent  tens of millions of dalasi  over the management of the  dumpsite in the last three years only  to make sure it is well managed.

The Deputy Mayor informs the newspaper that Council did issued a biogas contract 12 months ago to a company called TRISP which unfortunately could not come up with the funding due to COVID impact on financial institutions.

In efforts to mitigate the negative effects of the emission of smoke from the dumpsite on people living around the site, council has recently  started building a  wall around the perimeters of the dumpsite to a tune of D9million dalasi fence (not yet completed) to help control hazards including fire.

Soon a D25 million project will be launched (next month) in partnership with SOS to upgrade the infrastructure on the site, including roads, fire hydrants, sorting hangers etc.

May of 2018, “we invited the President of the Republic to the dumpsite who honored our invitation and promised to setup a task force to close the dumpsite “ Bah . Since then Deputy Mayor Bah said the council haven’t heard any updates since then after several engagements with the minister of local government, Bah said.

KMC number two,  call on the government of The Gambia through NEA, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of a local government and lands to step up and take up their national responsibility… waste management is not a political issue but a national issue !

Lamin Manneh a resident on Manjai Kunda expressed disappointment over the poor management of the dumpsite. He said he and his family members suffered a lot from smoke and bad odor.  A woman aslo who resides on the Dippa kunda side of the dumpsite said her mother was asthmatic and has at some points fainted and taken to hospital.  Many other residents expressed a similar statements and concern.

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