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Barrow Camp Endorses Registering Senegalese to Vote in Gambia

What a very unfortunate situation that has unfolded  at Sami Karantaba  village in the Sami district as President Barrow’s political Platform was used  by speakers, who  call for registering Senegalese  citizens  come the next general registration of voters.

During the meet the Peoples Tour, a man mounted President Barrow’s podium and said, “President Barrow we are here living with our neighbors (Senegalese) and we all inter married and therefore come the general registrations of voters we will make sure they all registered and for sure they will all vote for you”

“Nobody can’t stop us registering them as they live around, most of them in the neighboring villages of Senegal, due to lack of space on Gambian soil” Speaker said.

This is very unfortunate as some Gambians in the camp of President Barrow are trying to legitimize none Gambians to have access to our national documents in the presence of an entire government and not a single minister or the President himself attempted to address the issue.  Silence is consent, since neither the President nor any minister said anything to condemn such practices means the Barrow’s administration did endorse such malpractices.

This is really very unfortunate and not the least expected from a responsible government. This goes to tell Gambians within and without that this government is not a serious one and less responsible.

How can someone who may not probably know the implication of publicly saying such a thing and such utterances was not made on any ordinary platform but that of a presidential platform say such a thing without correction from the president or any member of the cabinet members?

The audio that contains such uncalled for utterances which is widely circulated and should be available on the TV footages, unless if it is edited from the videos , should serve as an eye opener for all political parties as the Barrow camp is ready to rub you all off your votes in a broad day light.

If President Barrow ‘s ministers  in the person of the Local government minister Musa Drammeh can quickly respond to the crowning of Manding Mansa unconstitutional; how about one openly saying that come the next general registration of voters we will register Senegalese because they are neighbor? Is that not unconstitutional, what is the Local government minster saying about that?

Unless and until President Barrow or his mouth piece , comes out and condemned the speech and correct the statement , we will take that the Barrow camp is endorsing the registration of Senegalese in the upcoming general registration of voters.

By this we called on all political parties to take the upcoming registration of voters very seriously and make sure that our national documents are jealously guarded. This is how unscrupulous governments rig elections be on the watch out.

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