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Barrow Delivers SoNA Without a Face Mask

By Almamo Kamaso

The President of the republic of the Gambia was the only person who fails to put on his face mask, on Thursday September 2020 as he delivers the State of Nations  Address (SoNA) even though his attention was brought to it by Honorable of Tumana Hon Foday N.M Drammeh .

The President has declared a State of Public Emergency three weeks ago, and some regulations too were declared one of which is mandatory wearing of face masks in public places. However that law is broken by no other person but the President himself.

Delivering the State of Nations Address (SoNA), President Barrow   highlighted some key activities his government has carried or plans to. Among the ministries, it was the    Economic and Finance that the president talked about. Barrow said financially the country’s economy is going down due the coronavirus.

The president informs the Assembly that there is going to be a sharp drop in export/import of the country. His government has given certain budget allocations to the Health ministry due COVID-19, which reallocations affects almost all ministries.  The pandemic (COVID-19) he said will have a negative impact both directly and indirectly on the economy.

The government of the Gambia has put on hold the issuances of some national documents, at some points and which halt has cause a sharp drop in the income of the country, President Barrow told the members of the Assembly.

His government has put plans in place by decongesting our prisons, with prison pardons and releasing others on bail. This, President Barrow said were among measure to contain and control COVID-19.

President Barrow informs the parliament, that a D31 Million project supported by World Bank (WB) and 80,000 households are targeted.  A cash hand-out of D1500 per month, per person is being implemented by NaNA in 30 districts.

Speaking on the Foreign Services, President Barrow said this services  is equally affected by the diversion of funds from our  Foreign Services . Because of this some international conferences due to COVID. He said his government has closed some diplomatic offices in a bid to downsized our diplomatic overseas services.

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