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Barrow Govt. Lacks Empathy for Baba’s Family

By Almamo Kamaso

The widow of former National Assembly member for Jarra West and Majority Leader for the APRC government, Tidda Baba Jobe blamed the government of Adama Barrow for lacking regard or empathy for the family of Late Baba Jobe. Tidda made these statement as part of her closing remarks before the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission recently after a long-drawn-out testimony.

In a written statement which the Daily News laid its hands on, Tidda said it is ridiculous and heart-breaking that the Janneh Commission, Yahya Jammeh and the Adama Barrow regimes have all portrayed that late Baba Jobe could not even afford a compound throughout his entire life. This she argued is not true as her late husband was hard working even before becoming a National Assembly member and rose to the rank of a Majority Leader for some years.

The Widow of Baba Jobe said three years ago, immediately after the fall of Jammeh’s regime, their family Lawyer ANTUMANA Gaye wrote to the trustees of her late husband’s properties requesting to know the number of Baba Jobe’s compounds sold, to whom they were sold, the amount of money those properties were sold for and the serial numbers of the sold compounds, but they are yet to get answers to these questions.

“All vehicles belonging to Baba Jobe, my matrimonial compound has been confiscated including the house that belong to Baba’s brothers and some family members as well” Tidda told the TRRC

Tidda told the TRRC that, she is appealing to the Barrow government for the return of all the properties of Baba Jobe to his children so as for them to enjoy shelter and at least a roof over their heads, from inheritance of their late father Baba Kajali Jobe.

The TRRC was informed of how the former President rob Baba off his properties, she said she was once invited to the police headquarters where she found one Amadou Samba, and Pa Bojang with her late husband Baba Jobe in the office former IGP Jesus; and she was informed that the two were send by former President Jammeh to transfer all of Baba’s properties to the Kanilai Farm in exchange of a presidential pardon for Baba’s release from jail.

The widow in her closing statement said Yahya Jammeh and the present government of Adama Barrow have succeeded in re-traumatizing the family of late Baba Jobe, my former husband, by forcefully confiscating  our properties without compensation or empathy for us.

Tidda said there were adverse findings against them as a family without through investigations as to how they got their properties, the properties were taken from  them  without a court order,  she told the TRRC. She quickly said even if there were investigations it was a bogus one. M. A Paul was the judge who was a mercenary judge purposely assigned to rule in favour of Jammeh, he M. A Paul was brought in to convict Baba,  she concluded.



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