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Barrows Nation Address Full of Unaddressed Issues

President Barrow over the weekend came out to speak to the people after he was literally forced to do so.  The speech has a lot of missing links and is far below expectations of many. The presidential speech was virtually empty of facts and figures. There was no mention of what his government has concretely done or plan to do as a way of containing the COVID-19 virus.

President Barrow told Gambians that COVID-19 has derailed his government’s development agenda and cause a lot of economic setbacks and above all created a lot of unemployment among the youth sector.

What he failed to do in his so-called well-advertised speech several hours before the time was to tell Gambians how his government will address these unemployment gaps created by the virus, especially that which is affecting the young ones. President Barrow also failed to inform Gambians what concrete steps, or plans if there are any has his government taken in addressing those economic set-backs cause by the pandemic?

President Adama Barrow was in the full view of Gambians and he said COVID-19 is on the increase and that more people died of COVID-19 now and lot more are infected and therefore it is a concern for him and his government.

However what President Barrow fail to tell Gambians is, what has his government  done since March of this year; or since  COVID-19 is on the increase how his government plans to do differently in order to contain the spread of the  virus, these and a lot of government propose actions are missing in his speech.

As the Gambia’s COVID-19 cases are on the increase, as the COVID-19 death rates are on the increase, our government cannot do what is called rapid test, to produce results on the spot. Even for those tested at quarantine centres   have to wait for days if not weeks to get their results.

Our mortuaries are overcrowded with death bodies waiting for test before their bodies are given to family members for burials, President Barrow said nothing about such pressing issues  therefore  what kind of a presidential speech did he made?

The issues surrounding the responses, which callers have from 1025 when they call for assistance, are also among issues that the president never addressed.

The lack of regions not having testing centres where results can be process without coming all the way to Banjul is also not addressed by President Barrow, treatment centres and their challenges are all left out for speculations. If the President must speak to the nation it must not be just for speaking shake but it should be a speech full of facts and figures , what government does or plans to do in the face of the pandemic. Solutions to currently issues should not be left out Mr. President



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