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Bensouda Warn Local Govt. Minister to Keep Away Without Interference

By Ousainou J Sawaneh (PrinCE OjeE)

The embattled suspended Chief Executive Officer of the Kanifing Municipal Council, Sainabou Martin Sonko and colleagues were on Wednesday 4th August 2021 denied entry to the council premises by the Council security officers when she attempts to report to work. Suspended CEO was acting on the support of the Local Government minister who she quoted for have send her a copy of a letter he wrote to Mayor for Council to rescind decision of suspension.

Talib Ahmed Bensouda, Lord Mayor of KMC have since pointed fingers to the Local Government Minister Hon. Musa Drammeh telling him to stay away and not to interfere in a case which is under investigation for alleged corrupt practices.

“The Local Government Minister has no right to interfere in a case which is under investigation for corrupt practices with evidence,” he said.

Bensouda on Wednesday afternoon reacted to the interference of the Minister who has instructed the suspended CEO of KMC Sainabou Martin Sonko with her team to resume work whilst their corruption scandal is under investigation.

Speaking to the Star FM radio the Lord Mayor has made it clear that the embattled CEO was caught red-handed in a corruption scandal together with her team of corrupt officials and they have lost the trust and confidence of him and the rest of council staff.

The Lord Mayor reminded the Minister that this is the normal procedure even at the Central Government level and if an officer is caught in corruption scandal he/she will be suspended whilst investigation is allow to take place so that evidence will not be tampered with.

He added that the suspended CEO has admitted by writing a letter that what she did was illegal but has apologized that it was an abuse of her office with clear evidence out there that CEO and her corrupt team were executing this illegal and fraudulent activity secretly by obtaining money using KMC as collateral.

Mayor stressed that the municipal police have stopped the suspended CEO and her colleagues on Wednesday morning from entering the premises of the council and that the trust of the entire council on her has been betrayed and therefore cannot work in KMC anymore.

The suspended CEO have been accused of fraudulently obtaining a loan of D12 million from AGIB bank on behalf of staff association without the acknowledgement and authorization of the Mayor and the entire senior staff of the council including the so called beneficiaries.

The embattled suspended CEO and Colleagues reported to work after the Minister of Local Government and Lands, Musa S. Drammeh, in a letter dated 2nd August 2021 called on the Council to rescind its recommendation for the suspension of the services of its CEO and Finance Director as well as allow them to resume work following their alleged involvement in the D12 million scandal.
Speaking after she was denied entry, CEO Sainabou Martin Sonko, said the securities have been instructed not to allow them in if they report to work adding that for whatever reasons they don’t know.
She added that ‘‘the reason we reported to work this morning. We got a copy of a letter that was sent to the Mayor advising him to rescind his decision of sending us on indefinite leave’’ she said

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