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Choice of Words Matter When it comes to Leaders

When a leader speaks he or she need to have a very good capacity of making choices of words. A leader cannot speak anyhow and he or she cannot use any words any how, the choices of words when it comes to President Barrow are very poor.
The President recently is heard saying “when I win the December 4th elections I will ask the police not to give permits to political parties to hold political rallies”. Barrow detests the number of political rallies organized by his opponents.
How can he think like that? Is that no signs of dictatorial attitudes of someone who was elected to removes such attitudes? Or is he speaking out of frustrations. When a president calls people he needs to talk of what his government will do in terms of development and not issues that are so trivial to national development. Or have he and his government not have anything to talk about?
The other times the president was talking about burying charms under the heads of the dead or burying charms in graves all in an effort to help someone become president of the Gambia, such are ridiculous of a president. This is a man who is mandated by the people of the Gambia to run the affairs for five years, and here he is telling Gambians how he visited grave yards to bury charms in order to enthrone someone as president of the country.
The president was on another times explaining his childhood days, saying he climbs a 500meter Kaba tree. Well whether we have such tall trees or not is another thing.
However, Choice of words matter a lot when leaders speak; it would not matter if president Barrow was just an ordinary citizens expelling his childhood days of climbing a 500 meter Kaba tree ; but because he is President it matters a lot.
Leader are elected to talk serious issues and tell people how they and their governments intend to tackled issues affecting the lives and the livelihood of people under them , such as the high rocketing of prices of basic food commodities I the Gambia . The country is faced with power cuts and shortage of water; these are the things our President should talk about and not any story.
Well since barrow is going to order police not to issue permits for political rallies will the electorates allow him win only to deprive them of their constitutional rights?

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