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City Link Ostend- Banjul & Partners Launches School Nursery Initiative

By Ousainou J. Sawaneh (PrinCE OjeE)

As part the efforts to combat the effects of climate change in the country, City Link Ostend- Banjul in partnership with Development oriented citizens-Banjul and West African Bird study Association Yesterday 2nd June, 2022 launched 10,000 fruit flower trees school nursery initiative.

The activity is part of the projects greening component of the City Link Ostend- Banjul and the project is funded by the European Union. Fourteen School in Banjul benefited from the initiative and the event took place at the Campama School in Banjul.

Trees reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding. Many species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals.

Speaking at the event Peter Vanslambrouck, City link coordinator in Ostende reiterated the importance of the activity saying that the importance of tree planting cannot be under estimated.

He added that the aim of the activity is to have Ten Thousand nurseries on different fruit flower trees in 14 schools in Banjul.

He said they have different projects in Banjul adding that when it comes to greening they are working closely with the West Africa Bird Association WABSA

“this is the organization we work hand in gloves with to organize different activities. With them we have an activity where by mangroves are restorated to make sure that the mangroves are getting vibrant and that is very important for the existence of the island and very important as an ecosystem. Together with DOC Banjul we also work in the inner city for the greening of the city” he said.

He stressed that the goal is to grow ten thousand trees and these trees should find there ways in the city and in the Schools adding that the greener Banjul will be then it will be healthier for the People.

He further thanked the students for taking part in the project.

Alfusainey Gano, City Link Project Manager said if anyone wants to address climate change then the person should take part in solving the problem.

He said the reason for the project is to work with the students and their schools to fight against climate change in Banjul adding that climate change has direct impact to the lives of the people.

“If you take a Walk at the Banjul beach then you will realized that their is lot of damage done which is caused by us. The option has been given to us to remedy the situation. We can’t fixed it all but we can participate in making the environment better for all of us” he said

He further said one of the component of the City Link project is greening of Banjul adding that they work with different stakeholders to make sure that Banjul is green and a nicer city for the people of Gambia.

“We are doing this not for Banjulians but we are doing it for the people of the Gambia because is the Capital city of the Gambia”
He added that trees are very important saying that if you plant a tree then even if u are not alive then the reward will always reach you.

On his part the Executive Director of West Africa Bird Study Association, Lamin Jobateh said the objective of the city Link partnership is for sustainable development being funded by the European Union under 2018 Euro aid call authorities partnership for sustainable cities.

He added that the main objective of the project is to strengthen urban governance capacity of the Banjul City Council by developing efficient public service and future proof programs of the city of Banjul.

He disclosed that the target seedlings they intend to plant in the 14 schools is over ten thousand.

He further thanked the European Union for funding the project and City Link Banjul project for partnering with WABSA.

He urged the schools administration to ensure the success of the nursery in their schools and to take good care of the materials given to them.

Communication Officer of the Project, Annette Camara said the importance of the initiative is to mitigate climate change in the country while calling on the students to be ambassador to their school to fight against climate change.

“The future belongs to you the students and you must take that challenge to make it happen. Make sure you plant trees” she told the students

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