Monday, May 17, 2021
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Congrats NAWEC, Congrats Gambia Government

The Government of the Gambia has inaugurated a whopping $28.4m 20 Mega Watts power plant at Brikama West Coast region presided over by H.E President Adama Barrow.
The inauguration is most welcomed and raised the hopes of a many Gambians as with this additional 20 Mega Watts power plant it will or hoped to go a long way to meeting the demand thousands of Gambians.
The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) have over the last 12 months improved on the supply and not only supply but regular supply of electricity to Gambians, particularly those in the Greater Banjul Areas (GBA). NAWEC deserved all praise so far so good; but is not enough to inaugurate such a project but government should do all that is within their powers to make sure that such supply of regular supply reaches all parts of the country.
The current rural electrification projects that are under taken by government, and currently under way in some part of the country must be non- political. Must it not only be nonpolitical but it should be equally shared among the people of the Gambia.
The funds that are pushing these projects are either in the form of loans or grants on behalf of Gambians. These loans and grants are to be paid by all Gambians; therefore the government must make sure there is equally share of the national cake.
Yes we know all cannot have it at the same time but there are many who have suffered a lot due to lack of electricity and access to clean water; whiles other have long have access to such. These two people are all equally paying their taxes and also they are also paying loans meant for the supply of water and electricity.
Take the Upper River Region as a case in point; how many villages and communities are enjoying these facilities of portable water and electricity? How many communities are within this vast region are even benefitting from good roads and yet they have being contributing to national coffer for centuries. Therefore NAWEC must start considering those communities who lack these basic rights for centuries.
“Barrow said in his inaugural speech that, the addition of 20MW to Gambia’s electricity generation capacity will significantly address the country’s power capacity gaps and will serve as a catalyst to achieve and maintain regular electricity supply for the entire Gambian Nation”
“We hope and pray that indeed the project serves as a catalyst to achieve and maintain regular electricity supply for the entire Gambian Nation” Daily News

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