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Corruption Needs Full Force Fight & Govt. Should Not Aid or Abet

Last week the Lord Mayor of the Kanifing Municipality, Mayor Ahmed Talib Bensouda and his team ordered the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KMC Mrs. Sainabou Martin Sonko vacate her office pending the finding of an investigative team into alleged financial mismanagement.
The CEO was accused of signing documents and also taking loan at the tune of twelve million dalasi (D12million) in the name of staff of the Kanifing Municipal Council unknowing to the staff. This the CEO accepts doing and is heard saying if that is in contravention of the laid down rules she regrets doing so. But does she needs to be told that , that act is criminal?
When this unethical financial action was discovered the Establishment Committee feels it fitting to suspend the CEO, and the Finance Director until the matter is properly addressed; that cannot be perceived to be unlawful.
Unfortunately after that action taken by the Kanifing Municipality, the Minister of the Local Government Hon Musa Drammeh wrote to the KMC leadership to rescind their decision of suspending the CEO in particular.
Why would any serious government aid and abet corruption, as opposed to helping to end corruption? What the Minister’s letter means to any serious person is that instead of the government acting to end corruption it turned out to aid and abet corruption.
If the CEO is alleged to have hands in the D12milion case; why would the Local government Minister writes requesting that the KMC rescind their decision of suspending the accused persons? This is very unfortunate and the minister needs to explain.
And as far as the suspended CEO is concerned, she has to write according to her with the help of her lawyers. When she got such a letter, she sends a petition to the Local government ministry asking them to ask the KMC rescind decision.
The Municipality under the leadership of Lord Mayor Bensouda refused the entry of suspended CEO Sonko into the KMC for the continuation of her job pending the findings of the investigation into her alleged corrupt practices.
This is the type of leadership required to fight corruption , section 37 of the Local Government Act (2002) reads: The Establishment Committee shall, subject to this Act and any other enactment , be responsible for –a)recommending to its ;Local Government Service Commission for appointment, dismissal, conditions of service and discipline of officers and other employees of its Council and matters connected therewith; and b)such other functions as its Council may deem fit.
The Local Government Minister and the suspended CEO should have patient for due process to take its course before Council can rescind their decision of suspending the CEO.
Corruption needs full force fight and no government ministry should aid and abet corrupt practices if Gambia is to make a head way.

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