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Crown Manding Mansa of Gambia Welcomes Abdoulie Sillah

The recently crown Manding Mansa , Amadou Kora  of Gambia , received Abdoulie Sillah who  heads CONSEIL DES NOTABLES LEBOU DU GRAND CAP – VERT based in Dakar Senegal at his Manjai residence.  The organization is a pan African organization formed to empower and promotes lives and livelihoods within the African continent.

The leadership of this continental organization on Wednesday the 23rd December, 2020 met the King of Manding, Amadou Kora (Manding Mansa) to register his recognition of Kora and expressed their willingness in working with him for the promotion of peace and prosperity of Africa through culture and tradition.

Some of the objectives of the organization includes; exchange of cultural activities between countries in Africa, creation   employment opportunities for youths, and to consolidate the efforts of governments by providing meaningful projects and developments etc.

The organization is recognized by the United Nation Organization and is working closely with many institutions and organizations for the realization of great dreams, Sillah siaid.

“One month ago the leadership was in Ivory Coast as nominated mediators to facilitate in the mediation between the opposition and the ruling party after the controversial presidential elections” the leadership said . The mission was a success story after their engagements with all the stakeholders.

Meeting with Manding Mansa according to the Secretary of the organization Abdoulie Sillah, is a move in the right direction for the promotion of peace, prosperity and development in Africa.

By Muhamed Fatty



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