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D16.5 Million Stands Part of Losses of Public Monies

By Almamo Kamaso
The Gambia stands to loss over sixteen million dalasi (16,458,327.59) as part of nine cases of fraud that were revealed and reported in the financial statement of the Gambia for the year ended 31st December 2018. This is contained in an audited report signed by the Auditor General on the 11 August 2020.The report indicated that losses not fully recovered were written off.
Below are the following government departments responsible of losses as per the audit report:
The Gambia Immigration department, according to police investigations revealed that visa fee amounting to D1, 302,000 was received by the cashier but only D700,000 was paid to government leaving a balance of D602,000 which was shared among the officers.
At the Brikama Health Centre, there is an unaccounted revenue collection of D402, 674.00. There were receipts amounting to D129, 000 recovered leaving an outstanding balance of D273,674.00.
The Brikama sub-treasury records an unaccounted revenues of D6,592,172.50, of which there are no evidence recoveries made available for the review.
At the Kerewan sub-treasury the unaccounted cash stands at D2,136,327.61, This according to the audit report no evidence of recovery was available .
Another council where there was D521,000.00 unaccounted cash is the Janjabureh sub-treasury; according to audit reports no evidence of recoveries were made available to audit for the review.
At the Directorate of National Treasury, the Auditor General establishes an un-authorized withdrawal of public funds amounting to D4, 064,363.15. The Auditor General remarks that up to the time of the review, there was no evidence of any recovery.
The audit exercise confirms that at the Department of Forestry and Parks and Wildlife , an authorized transactions in the project accounts at the tune of D839,500.00 out of which D510,060 was recovered leaving an outstanding of D329,440.
At Gambia’s missions abroad namely Guinea and France there were some fraud cases discovered. Guinea there was a cash withdrawal D390,000 which was not accounted for by the financial attaché; whiles in Paris there was an unaccounted funds to the tune of D1,549,350.00, and to date no evidence of recoveries was made available for the review.

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