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Darboe Calls for an Unbiased, Impartial and Professional Investigation

By Sainabou Gassama

The Secretary General and the Party Leader of the United Democratic Party, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe said UDP cannot be accountable for what he describes a found cannabis on one of their vehicles. The UDP Boss was speaking in a press conference at his Kairaba Avenue office and residence to shed light on the cannabis saga that the UDP is mentioned. The press briefing was held on Monday 19 April, 2021.

“I believe the opponents would want to pin this on UDP,” Darboe said. “We expect the securities to conduct an unbiased, impartial and professional investigation into this matter.”

The UDP Leader ask, how can someone jumped out of a vehicle while the vehicle was being pursued?
How many times has the Army vehicles were used by the soldiers carrying bags of cannabis sativa? And was the Gambia Armed Force ever been held responsible for that?

How many times have the ambulances were been used to ferry drugs using the siren to clear the way and intersected, has the ministry of health, the hospital or the ambulance services been held responsible?

Government vehicles have been used to ferry drugs in this country, who has ever held the Government responsible?

Darboe told the press that his party has people on the ground with the investigation team; therefore the party has a first-hand Information.

Lawyer Darboe said, he believe this is a plot to stop UDP’s political activities, adding “no amount of destruction or pinning will change UDP’s focus.”

Setting light on the matter, the UDP’s presidential flag bearer inform the media, that several weeks ago, two (2) of their vehicles were taken to a mechanic by one Buba Darboe for maintenance.

The press were informed that, Buba Darboe who took the UDP vehicle to the mechanics was a known to the party leader since 1996 and the man was a UDP member since. Buba was given the responsibilities because they know him and he is a UDP supporter.

Continuing his narrations, Darboe said the mechanic promised to repair and deliver the vehicles to them (UDP) within two (2) to three (3) days.

However , he told the journalist that It has come to his notice that one of their vehicle was taken out from the workshop but it was not certain whether by an apprentice or someone else and the purpose of taking the vehicle was not known to them either.
“The man who took the vehicle out later came across a check point, knowing that he has no driving license, he got panicked and decided to run, Darboe added. He was caught and the vehicle was driven to the Bundung police station.” Darboe explained.

UDP boss said to his knowledge, at the Bundung police station, the accuse ‘s reaction was that the police did not search him. Then, one Banjang asked why they disembark the accuse from the vehicle? Banjang’s position was the police should escort both the accuse and the vehicle to the police station.

Later that Saturday, Darboe said a thorough search was conducted on him by the drug officer one Captain Bajang and the accuse himself but no drug was found. “In fact no single bundle of cannabis was found on him.”

It was only after a second search that they found seven (7) seeds of cannabis at the back seat of the vehicle.

He said, the accuse insisted that he has no hand in it, however he had to call the mechanic to confirm , who said he was shocked because he was not aware of the vehicle being taken, in fact the keys that the accuse used were not the right key to the vehicle.

There were allegations that there was a third party in the vehicle but the person ran away, said Darboe.

Why would they disembark the accuse from his vehicle and put him in a police vehicle and no thorough search was conducted on neither the vehicle no the person?

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