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Darboe Calls for Govt. Spending in Development Sector

By Almamo Kamaso
The Gambia government fails to address the development sector need and in particular the agricultural sector, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe the United Democratic Party (UDP) Presidential candidate was addressing thousands of party supporters at Njaba Kunda in the Central Baddibu at the all Baddibu mass political rally over the week end.
The UDP leader told his supporters to vote for a UDP government, which government will be the solution to all the mishaps in the Barrow led government. “The lives and properties of Gambians are not secured and the cost of living is skyrocketing” Darboe said.
He called for a redirection of government spending in the development sectors such as agriculture and health. The whole of the Lower River Region, he said is without a hospital, whiles that of the Upper River Region too do not have one, despite how densely these regions are.
Many of our health facilities are lacking basic materials , the lack of which make life so difficult for the nurses and doctors . The leader of the biggest political party said even mere gloves are lacking making their job a challenge..
The seasoned lawyer and politician call for an immediate arrest of the unnecessary death of women whiles giving birth. “It is very sad to see one who is giving life to die in the process” darboe said
He promised his supporters that a UDP government will address such issue and also the daily rising prices of our basic food (RICE). His government will commit ten percent (10%) of the budget to the agricultural sector. The Gambia should be able to feed herself if the appropriate steps are taken. i
Darboe concluded by calling on his supporters to register and vote massively for a change come December 2021. He told the yellow party militants that the change they are yearning for is only possible, when members register and vote massively for the UDP presidential candidate.
Lawyer Darboe promise that when the time comes he will appryopriately respond to some gossipers who time to time throw words at him and his party, that he will not only respond but even name them.
Other speakers who includes, Lalo Jaiteh of the diaspora and native of Njabba Kunda urged Gambians to vote Barrow out before he deports all their sons and daughters from Europe. Jaiteh said this country lacks security and that it will get worse when Barrow remains in power. He told the audience that the Barrow government has already signed the deportation agreements with European countries and he is just delaying the action until after elections. He urged the people to vote Baarow out before he sends s our sons and daughters home.

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