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Darboe Tells Barrow to Shut Up; Saying His Words are Far from the Truth


By Ousainou J Sawaneh (PrinCE OjeE)

The Leader and Secretary General of United Democratic Party, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe has directed words to the Gambian Leader, President Barrow telling him to shut up saying ‘‘Barrow’s Words are far from the truth”

UDP Leader made comments at Basse while the United Democratic Party continues countrywide tour.

Darboe told party militants that during Barrows interview with a certain media outlet, he has said that he was the one who sponsored the UDP Parliamentarians and was the one who paid their deposits, ‘‘this is not true Barrow’s Words are far from the truth’’

He revealed that ‘‘in 2017 during the Parliamentary election, we , we are the ones who send Barrow on behalf of the Coalition to seek funds for the coalition. They gave him money on behalf of the coalition. Now he is bragging saying that the money was given to us by him. This is not the truth” he said

Darboe further explained that ‘‘In 2007 Parliamentary election, UDP paid for his deposit and sponsored him but he will not talk about that. In 2016 presidential election he cannot pay his deposit but it was paid by the coalition” he said

“Then why is Barrow bragging, I am telling you to shut up” Darboe tells Barrow

Speaking about the newly inaugurated bridge at Basse, Darboe said ‘‘I will be proud to walk on that newly constructed bridge because of my knowledge and efforts. That’s why the project is here and I will always be happy to walk through it’’ Darboe told supporters.

He added that President Barrow always talks about the OIC and claims that they will build 20 new roads within the Greater Banjul Area.

He explained how this OIC came about ‘‘Lamin Sanneh was with me and we travel to countries to seek fund for the Gambia to host OIC, any country I went to, I will always tell them the conference is in the Gambia, if the event is successful is for all the Muslim Countries but if it fails then still is for all Muslim countries. So help us so that we can host this event. The Minister of Works and Infrastructure is present during such missions as I always include him in my delegation. Whatever I am saying if it is not true the people should ask him. I will not stand before you to talk rubbish” he said

He further said “Before we leave government all the contracts that should be done regarding the OIC were done by me and my office, I have developed all the documents and all the bidding documents’’

He added that ‘‘People of URR if they come telling you words saying they are the ones who brought these developments note that is not the reality. Since then, have you heard a minister bringing a project or about the OIC. What we brought is what they have and that’s what they are bragging about as the way he brags about Yahya Jammeh Jambajelly road’’ Darboe Said.