Monday, January 25, 2021



Receiving over 300 supporters, comprising of Islamic Scholars and Imams, on Friday 30th October 2020 at the United Democratic Party (UDP) political bureau in Manjai , Secretary General and Leader of the party  Lawyer Ousainou Darboe unveiled that the State Security is up to something, come  Saturday as the party plans to lay the foundation stone of a political bureau bin Sanyang.

The party leader told the audience that, he has information that our enemies are up to something evil.

He pointed finger to SIS as people behind the set plan. Darboe named one Abdoulie Sanyang who works for the deputy CDS, as a private security, this Sanyang lives in Sanyang village ,  is set to put on Adama Barrow‘s T-Shirt , his flag on a motorbike and force himself through  the UDP convoy.

The whole objective is that, if such a trap works then, they will use the fracas as means to getting the leadership as being responsible for any results to send them to jail. This is only a tip of the ice-berg but the UDP is fully informed. He told the audience that he has supporters even within the Barrow cabinet and that of the SIS.

He said there is nothing you can plan against the UDP without it falling on my desk, not at Marina parade of SIS or at the Cabinet.

These are plans that he said the state security is aware. The UDP leader said, one  Edirisa Sanyang (SIS), Lamin Fatty (SIS), and  Mr. Sallah (SIS) who  is supposed to led the operationare all working SIS.

Darboe blames all these malpractices on the lack of security reforms, as that would have removed all dead woods from our security services.

Darboe told the scholars that he is very grateful to Allah for receiving such type of groups like them and promised that when the UDP government comes to power the Islamic scholars will not be left behind. Why can we have people who are educated in Arabic into the government system to emphasis?

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