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Death of Sanyang Victim Describe Great Lost by Family Members

By Dawda Baldeh

The family of late Gibriel Ceesay, who was allegedly killed by a Senegalese nationalist, has described the death of Gibril Ceesay as great lost. In giving account of how Gibril was supportive to his family, Gibril’s death is described a big lose and has left the family with shocked and apprehensive. “We want justice for him (Gibril Ceesay)”.

Talking to the Daily News , Omar Ceesay a family member looking worried and shattered, narrates that when he closed from work, he was watching TV, when a friend of the late Gibriel Ceesay, who is a (white man) came to the house and called Gibril, informed him that there is someone in his (white man) room who has threatened to kill him.

Gibriel then called me and we went there and we found the door close, I knocked on the door, but the thief refused to open the door. Then I hit the door again, and the door was opened. I saw the thief standing with two knives in his hands. But at that time, we were not having any weapons. Then the thief attacked us and stabbed my brother (Gibril) , who never survive from he wound.

Ceesay 45 said, “When Gibril fell on the ground, that’s the time the thief stabbed him on his ribs for the first time, and he stabbed him on his chest for the second time. Then I attacked the thief and he also hit me on my face with his knife and wanted to escape.”
Omar said they were able to catch him and beat him till he was weak, and later took him to the police station.

Amie Jarra, the mother of the deceased said, when the thief stabbed Gibriel and hit Omar Ceesay and was trying (thief) to escape; that’s the time she took one of her cooking pots and hit the thief on his head and he also fell down.

“He stabbed my son, hit the disease brother on his face till he fell down. Then, the (thief) hit me on my head and attempt to run away, that’s why I also hit him (thief) on the head, till he was hurt ,” Amie said.

Mai Ceesay, the elder sister of the deceased describes the sudden death of her brother (Gibril) as a great loss to her family. She said the late Gibriel was a very responsible and hardworking man.

“Gibriel’s was my everything and his help to the family and how beneficial he was, cannot be listed. He loved the family, and he cared about the family so much. His death has left the family shocked and worried,” Mai explained.

The alleged killing of Gibril Ceesay, has sparked tension between the youths of Sanyang and the security forces which led to massive destruction of the police station and also the Nissim Fish Meal Factory were the alleged murderer was working.

The burning and stoning started when the youths discovered that the accused was rescued by the police and taking to Brikama police, the people of Sanyang wanted to get the alleged and kill him as he did to Gibril, Mai said.

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