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Defense Committee Visit Security Institutions in NBR

By Dawda Baldeh

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Defense and Security visited security institutions in North Bank Region to gather firsthand information. The tour will enable members to address relevant matters and provide better guidance.

The visited institutions are Bara Police station, the Barra Fire and Rescue Service, Njongon Military Post and Kerewan Police station.

The committee is given power by the 1997 constitution under section (109) to embark on such a tour of  security institutions and personals .

Speaking at Bara, Assistant Commissioner of police, Dembo Trawally inform members that , the  multipurpose center at Barra is home for the Barra Division;  which is accommodating GPF, GID, DLEAG, SIS Child Wealth Fair Affairs  the place is very congested.

He told the committee their main constrain is mobility and accommodation and called on the committee to look into their conditions.

Trawally said, the facility available to police is very congested and they cannot observe any social distancing protocols due to size of the land.

“Sometimes we cannot go out for our normal patrols because the vehicle available to us is not in good order and we find it difficult to respond when needs arises”, said Trawally.

Bara Station has prosecuted many regulations offenders during the coronavirus pandemic and has achieved a lot in term of boarder management.Similar challenges were highlighted at Bara by Superintendent Jerreh Faye GID, Commissioner Almameh Kinteh DLEAG, GID at Bara Police among other working under the security department.

At Bara Fire and Rescue Service, Omar Joof Station Officer told the standing committee that they have only one toilet that is not fit for human use.

Officer Joof said the station building is old and they don’t have furniture in the office and work is always difficult for them.

“Our firefighting truck is old now and we normally don’t have enough fuel to help us operate effectively”. He said the only truck available is covering from Bara to Kerewan which is a huge area, he explained.

We are appealing to the government through the committee to provide us with proper station and mobility to ensure effective service delivery.

The numbers of reported fire outbreak have reduced drastically from January to December 2020 and that is a great achievement because we sensitize the public on fire safety precautions.

At Njongon Military Post, Mankaman Kujabi Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1) and Commanding Officer said, their constrain is lack of electricity and water pumps as the only generator available to them is hired from the community.

“The structures here are not adequate for us, we are living in dome tries as past commanders made some creations to demarcate the buildings to create some privacy within the houses” he continued.

We are soldiers but we are human beings as well so we need at least a decent living conditions   which is not the case here in Njongon” he stated.

At Kerewan Chief Inspector Bakary Trawally highlights similar challenges faced by other police stations in the country and called on the government to consider their challenges as they are also human beings.

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