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Depoliticize the Civil Service

The Gambia was counted among one of the finest civil service if not in the world but in the sub-region. This is not the case now, and politicizing our civil service has started in the later days of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) under the Jawara regime.

The country at 26, when the APRC government came to power under former President JAMMEH, the politicization of our civil service became more evident. The regime was successful of threaten the civil servants to either support jammeh’s  political agenda or be given a matching order. As Jammeh succeeded in threaten the civil service and also succeeded in politicizing the civil service, made our civil service one the most politicized civil service if not in the world but in the sub-region.

In December 2016, there was a regime changed and some of the factors that was responsible for the change, among others is the none participation of the civil service in partisan politics and also the none participation of the local government authorities in partisan politics.

However shortly after the change, a new President was shown in and it did not take long before the new leadership fall back to the involvement of the civil service and local government authorities into partisan politics. This has made it possible for the district Chiefs and heads of village take side with the leadership.

Now Governors who are purely civil servants are into partisan politics, using government resources and time in favour of one political party and in this case it was the incumbent who is helped. The Permanent Secretaries, some presidential Advisers all of who are civil servants are how publicly into partisan politics.

Government vehicles are use and off course government fuel coupons and even government time were used in partisan politics; all of these amount to government resources.

The need to depoliticize our civil service is of essence as government resources should not be used for one individual political party. After the change of regime one would have think that such use of government resource would have come to an end, but unfortunately our civil service is more politicized today than before under the Barrow regime.

Good practice would have been that, government officials must not use government vehicles on week days for any political activities, particularly partisan politics.  And not only vehicles, but even government fuel and night allowances for partisan politics.

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