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Donor Conference Engage Media on It’s Activity

By Ndellah Jeng

As part of the activities geared towards the implementation of the judiciary strategic plan 2021-2025, journalists were Last week briefed on The donorconference which is scheduled for the 3rd and 4th November, 2021 at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Conference Center Bijilo.
The press briefing took place at Banjul High Court in Banjul.

The event is geared towards raising fund to enable the judiciary implement its activities under the strategic plan. The conference will attract donors domestically and internationally.
Speaking at the press briefing, Isatou Dado, Principal Magistrate of Brikama magistrate court said the judiciary strategic plan 2021-2025 provides the roadmap and a framework for enhancing the capacity of the judiciary to deliver quality justice and enable the institution to discharge its role as a key player in securing the good governance of The Gambia.

She added that “It captures our vision of an independent, effective and efficient justice system for upholding the rule of law whose mission is to ensure fair,impartial and timely delivery of quality justice by competent ,motivated and committed staff. The values of commitment, fairness, impartiality, integrity,independence, transparency, excellence, accountability and accessibility will continue to guide us in delivering our mission. The strategic plan 2021-2025 comprises of 8 key Goals set out to facilitate the attainment of the objectives set by the judicial arm of Government”. She said

She added that Goal:1 is to Strengthen the independence of the judiciary and its autonomy

She said the independence of the judiciary as an organ of the state and not an extension of Government “must be better understood by the executive, the National Assembly and stakeholders generally. Independence requires that the judiciary has both administrative and financial autonomy” she said

She underscored that they will propose legislative changes that will give effect to constitutional provision on administrative and financial autonomy.
She further stated that these will be supported by robust administrative and financial system for self- accounting and self- administration with strengthened accountability and transparency as a public institution.

She highlited that Goal:2 is to Upgrade and expand physical infrastructure and improve the work environment.
Magistrate Dabo said a comprehensive infrastructure development programme is needed to address and alleviate the dire inadequate or degraded current state of the court and court facilities. Government will be engaged to identify a location for construction of a facility for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Cadi Appeals Panel, Commercial and Land Dispute Court to alleviate the current pressure on the High Court complex which houses the Supreme Court, the court of appeal and the cadi appeal panel. court facilities will be upgraded/constructed and decentralized to create a reasonable work environment for all.

She added that Goal:3 is Restructure and strengthen organizational and institutional capacity.

She said a coherent and well functioning organizational structure is key to the achievement of there strategic objective. The will conduct a study to guide the judiciary on such re organizational restructuring.

She said they will organized the way the various courts are managed to ensure that each court is managed efficiently. “They will decentralize key functions such as the registry,execution of judgment and orders. We will also review the system of Notaries Public, Commissioners for Oaths and Justices of the Peace to ensure that they are properly organized an effectively monitored to support the administration of justice” she said

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