Thursday, November 26, 2020



Dozens of Gambian men and women on Wednesday march in a peaceful protest with banners that read #Gambian Women’s Lives Matter, I am Scared to Be Pregnant, #No women deserve to die in labor and so on.

Mbama Care Foundation in collaboration with The Gambian Women’s Lives, Wednesday morning took to the streets in  a peaceful protest concerning the rising number of maternal maternity in our hospitals during child birth.

Mai Ahmed Fatty the Secretary General of The Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) join the Mbama Care Foundation and the Gambian Women’s Lives Matter peaceful march and has said, the number of maternal mortality  cases is rising  at a very high rate. The politician said  even one death is enough he said. Honorable Fatty added that women’s lives matter is a concern to every Gambian men and women. He said we are tired to see our women dying at the hospitals during the period of child birth. There is a need to put a stop into this and today we are here to voice our pain honorable Fatty said.

He added that every man wants to be a father and the only thing that can make many to be a father is a woman. If women are dying every now and then in our hospitals, that is unfortunate, The Gambia should have pass this stage he describe.

He said women are facing severe pain and government need to take a step to put a stop to this threaten satiation. He said we have lost a lot of our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, relatives he noted. She said no woman want to die while giving birth to a child.

Sally Jobe the representative from the Mbama Care Foundation, who spoke on behalf of the women’s lives matter said women are dying every day during the process of child birth and as  concern citizens of The Gambia “we are here to voice out our pain that women have been passing through and enough is enough she said. She added that Mbama Care Foundation partnered with Gambia Women Lives Matter to raised awareness on the loss of lives at our health facilities.

The women representative said we are urging the government and the ministry of health to come to the aid of our  women who are everyday dying at the hospitals during child birth. “The private health centers will keep the women who are in severe pain and in need of urgent attention till it’s too late and then they will refer them to the main hospitals  that is the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) she alleged

“It’s a pity and a shame to the government concerning this matter of women dying ,they need to pay attention to it and make a stop to it  as soon as possible…..the doctors can’t perform their roles perfectly without haven  the materials needed,  therefore government should really look in to the Health system and provide what is needed”, said Sally Jobe.

Other people during the peaceful march call on the government to put effort an help the women as they are the people who give birth to the next generation

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