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Drug Trafficking Threaten Future of Youths

By Almamo Kamaso
The Honorable member of the National Assembly for Central Badibu Hon Sulayman Saho told members of the National Assembly on Thursday that “ we must not lose sight of the fact cocaine trafficking within the country is on the high side and is a threat to the future of the youth.
The honorable member delivers a statement on the Matters of the Day in pursuant of section 51 (1) and 51 (2) of the Standing Orders of the National Assembly. The theme was on the effects of illicit drug use and trafficking.
Hon Saho said drug abuse has become a social menace in the country, Saho further argued that with the seizure of about $88 million worth of cocaine, we cannot be silence over drug abuse as it should be a concern to all.
The honorable member blames the government of the day of not doing enough in the fight against drug abuse. He told members that yes it’s a fact that there is a drug Act in place but with all the seizures the government is seen to have done very little in getting the perpetrator’s to book.
The member explains that the entire country is concerned of the large quantity of drugs recently seized at the country’s only Port. He urged all to put hands together including the executive and law makers in the fight.
Members took turns to express concern over the drug abuse and trafficking in the country. Collectively the Law makers called on government to address the issue as soon as possible. The honorable deputy Speaker who also doubles as chairman of the select Committee of Security and Defense informed members that they are doing everything within their powers to bring the menace under controlled.

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