Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Expelled PPP NAM Refers to Expulsion Letter Nonsense

By Ousainou J. Sawaneh (Prince Ojee)

The People’s Progressive Party PPP has expelled Hon. Fatoumatta Njie NAM of Banjul South from the Party. After party believes that she has violated some clause of the party constitution.

The PPP address a letter to Honorable Fatoumatta Njie informing her of her expelled from the party on Wednesday 24th March, 2021.

“Your actions have proven gross and serious violatíons of the Constitution, principles, norms, and decisions of the Party. Consequently acting on the recommendations of the National Disciplinary Committee, the National Executive committee of the PPP, regrets to inform you that you are expelled from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) with immediate effect” the Party said.

Reacting to the letter, Honorable Fatoumatta Njie described the letter as utter nonsense saying that she takes it as such.

“I stand by my communications to the public via my press conference on the 1st March 2021 as proclaimed after the agreement of all the Regional chairpersons of the party and I maintain the position of the SG and the Party the Party Leader pending free and fair elections” she said

She added that the corrupt practices have been further emphasized by the High Court ruling of the 1st March.

“For me as always demonstrated, accountability and transparency is always utmost. I published this just for the information of the public but it is of no importance to me as my position remains the same. We do not recognize Mr. Jallow as a leader and as such this letter is of no significance and of no value” she stated

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