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Faal Accuse NPP for Sabotaging his Nomination

By Ousainou J Sa/waneh (PrinCE OjeE)

As the process of nominating presidential candidates for the 4th December 2021 presidential elections are underway at the Election House, twenty one has gone through the process, whiles two withdrew, and one throw its weight behind the United Democratic Party (UDP), leaving three to do so today.
“We will bring Adama Barrow down come December 4th 2021, I have gathered crowd at Brikama-ba, at the Buffer Zone and here today” Essa told the press.
The Independent aspirant accused the National People’s Party (NPP) for sabotaging him as not to bring more people at the Election House. He said , NPP went to Brikama-ba where he has arranged for 24 vehicles and pay double to drivers just to prevent my people to come here. He further stressed that “yes you can scare people from coming here but you cannot stop people voting on December 4th 2021”.
The eloquent independent candidate accused the NPP leaders of under development and told the press when he wins he will have to restart rebuilding the country.

Speaking to Journalist shortly after filing his credentials to Independent Electoral Commission IEC, Essa Mbye Faal an independent aspirant has accused and expressed his total disappointment with way and manner he and his team are being treated by the incumbent President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party NPP after he claimed that his campaign is being politically sabotaged.

Faal alleged that the country is currently run by a mafia government led by President Barrow.

Former TRRC lead counsel said youth empowerment is fundamental to change this country, “Youth empowerment is fundamental to change in this country” he said

He went on to say we’ve to end corruption in this country while accusing them of shackling the country’s democracy, “If I am elected, I am going to be an anti-corruption president,” said Essa.
The second to present his nomination documents to the Independent Electoral Commission IEC was the Gambian President and Leader of the National People’s Party Adama Barrow.

Speaking to the Press NPP Leader described the IEC as the referee “There is a piece of advice that I want to make. The piece of advice is directed to the IEC. If anybody is a member of the IEC, automatically you are the referee and if you are the referee, you must be independent. If you are independent, it makes the job easy for you. If you are independent, it makes the job easy for the players. If you are independent, it makes it very easy for all the parties to accept the final results, the final decision of the Gambian people.” Barrow told Journalists

Matarr Nyang, was the third independent aspirant to present his credentials to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for consideration as presidential candidate.

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