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Gambia Is Now a Transit Point for Drug Traffickers-Darboe

By Dawda Baldeh

A onetime Vice President, minister of Foreign Affairs under the leadership of President Adama Barrow and the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), lawyer Ousainou Darboe has said the country has now turned to be a transit point for drug traffickers.

Speaking to party comrades at the United Democratic Party bureau in manjai (UDP), over the weekend, Darboe said for over fifty years (50) the amount of drug traffickers landing in the country today has never happened in history.

UDP Secretary General said, during regime of both Jawara and Jammeh had never seen the kind of drug trafficking and its random in the country like this before, he assumed.

Adding even when it happens, all those involved will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

We cannot sit and watch drug traffickers to use our boarders for their business. “If we allow them to do sure, they will turn our youths to criminals and the country will turn to a criminal zone where the whole world will boycott us”, he warns.

Lawyer Darboe said, drug traffickers before using any country, they will do a survey to see whether the people running the affairs of the country can be easily manipulated and if yes is the answer, they will start operating.

He urged Gambian to tie up their belts and fight against drug trafficking as they are fighting the coronavirus pandemic, he urged.

The former Vice President added even if drug are found, there will still be some remaining drugs that will not be seen and those will contribute in affecting the future of our youths.

 Darboe said, we want leaders who are competent enough to fight drug trafficking to lead the country to the right direction but not leaders who are only interested in positions.

According to Darboe who served as a lawyer for over 20 years said even an ordinary drug case he never defended at the court for more than 20 years now.

 When charges are label on drug traffickers, he has never attempted defend them (drug traffickers)  because “I have seen  how drugs contribute in destroying the future of our youths”.

I will not protect   someone who is a drug trafficker,or  rapist  from going to prison and no one has ever bribed me for that, he said.

“Sometimes drug traffickers will bribe you with millions but I have never take bribe from anyone”, said Darboe .

According to Lawyer Darboe, If you give leadership to those who are not interested in the welfare of the country, they will used the country anyhow for their own interest, he added.

He finally warn those circulating insults on him and his party on social media saying that if those people are brave , they should just  face him and see the consequences.

He said, “I received a call from one of my brothers son in the UK telling me that we don’t want to hear people insulting you again, but I urged him to stay calm because those individuals insulting me cannot even face him”, he added.

“I will keep sacrificing for the countries up to my final breathe and no criticism can stop me from doing that for my country because the future of the country is my concern” he ended.




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