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53 Constituencies Remain Without Changes

By Aramata Jatta
The Attorney General and Minister of Justice Dawda A.Jallow in an exclusive interview with the Daily News at the Assembly Chambers in Banjul has on Tuesday 23 March 2020, said the 53 Constituencies will remain without changes.
The Minister clarified that there is no changes in the constituency boundaries as stated in the proposed 2020 election Bill which was table before members for the first reading. Citing that the 53 constituencies will remain without changes
”We have realize that, a particular staff that was working on the Bill lifted the old schedule from the old Bill and attached it to the new Bill without consulting IEC to obtain the most up to date schedule. The constituency boundaries attached to the current Bill that was tabled a few days ago was the wrong version”
This clarification was made following the Minister’s appearance on Monday before law makers to table the 2020 election Bill which seeks to repeal and enact new election laws
The Minister said ”there is no decision on the side of the Government to alter any constituency boundary, that decision has never been taking. The Government has no interest in changing the constituency boundary.
Hon. Jallow argued that it is not the mandate of Government to change constituency boundaries rather it is the constituency boundary commission or the IEC in the absence of a boundary commission that can change the boundaries.
He admits that it is an error citing that human are bound by errors ”so there has been no changes, this error is been rectified, and the ministry of Justice will make a press release to this effect”.

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