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Gambians Should Focus on Elections Now not the Draft Constitution

By Almamo Kamaso
“The Draft Constitutional talks have failed to reach a consensus on some grey areas and therefore time and energy should not be any longer wasted on the Draft” said Hon Madi M.K. Ceesay.
Speaking to the Daily News in an exclusive interview over the week end at his Manjai residence, Hon Ceesay told the Daily News that much has been said about the draft Constitution from drafting to the point when members of the National Assembly prematurely killed it in September of last year.
“ As far as I am concern enough is enough, what people should focus on now should be the presidential and parliamentary elections that are in the corner, than the draft Constitution” Ceesay said.
Yes a lot of tax payers monies was spend on the Draft to a tune of over D127 Million, which monies could have been spend into the health sector which is in a terrible condition, but no the money was instead wasted by no other people but people representatives.
Hon Ceesay said what the tax payers should do now is to vote out Adama Barrow’s government who is solely behind the waste of the sum spent on the constitution. The December 4th elections should serve as a referendum to either agree or dis agree to the draft constitution.
Asked as what his opinion is on the intervention of the former Nigerian President’s in the negotiation, Hon Ceesay said he has not seen anything wrong with that since not a dalasi is spend from the coffers of the state.
However its very African to solve problems, this is not the first time such negotiations were held. If we all recalled after the 2016 elections there was an impasse and it was the ECOWAS under the leadership of the then Liberian President that solve the problem, so its fine that Jonathan is leading this negotiations.
Asked to comment on the money spent on the Draft, Ceesay said it’s unfortunate that the country could not realized its desire objective of ushering the country into a third republics; but he blames President Barrow and his cohorts for the waste of the one hundred and twenty-seven million dalasi (D127Million).
It’s a shame on President Barrow for not meeting one of the Coalition’s objective , which is to write and deliver a new Constitution within the three mandate of the Coalition.
Hon Madi Ceesay called on the electorates to retaliate by voting the Barrow hegemony for wasting the peoples 127 million and replaced it with a UDP government for salvation.

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