Monday, May 17, 2021
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Gambia’s Voter Cards is for Gambians Only

The Gambia is heading to the polls for the Presidential elections in December 2021, and then that will be followed by parliamentary elections April 2022 and local government election a year later. The country is also getting ready for general registrations of voters in May 2021.
Politicians and concern citizens are warning none Gambians to desist from getting the Gambia’ voters card; and the warning is very clearly written on the walls as there will be more vigilance as these exercise takes off soon.
The Gambia is host to many none Gambians and many of these are people from our neighboring countries such as Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Guinea Conakry. And equally there are a lot of Gambians in the mentioned countries.
When these countries hold their elections Gambians do not participate in their local politics and therefore as the Gambia heads to polls and other major election activities the none Gambians must stay away.
The Gambia‘s elections is for Gambia and Gambians and therefore those people who live here and do not have Gambia’s citizenship must stay away for their own safety.
The local politician in the person of Hon Ahlagie S. Darboe did say that Gambians must be very vigilance and jealously guard against none Gambians getting our national documents such as the Voters Cards. Allowing that to happen is like mortgaging our country or trying to erase our mother land from the surface of the earth. Hon Darboe said how that happen is when none citizens outnumber us at the polls then we will lose our country to none citizens and that is the worst thing one can do.
The government and all stakeholders should put in place a system where none citizens cannot have access to our voters cards, and in the event they do and are found they should be severely punished accordingly.
Other stakeholders such as political parties, civil society organizations and diplomatic officials here in the country must make sure their citizens stay away from our local politics. The 2021 elections and other electoral activities will be properly guarded and people especially none citizens if found interfering will not be taken lightly, so stay away from obtaining the country’s national documents illegally or you may face the consequences.

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