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GDC Leader Warn Barrow to Stop Lashing out Threats

By Ousainou J Sawaneh (PrinCE OjeE)

Leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress GDC, Honorable Mama Kandeh has warned President Barrow to stop threatening Gambians at his endless state house meetings.

The DGC boss was speaking recently at a rally . He said Barrow is now known of threatening Gambian with one threat to another “I also heard the president threatening people saying after December election, when he wins politics will end in this country that’s very funny. I know that Allah will not bring such a kind of leader in the country, a leader who will sit in that State House and threaten people, it will never happen and he should not even try that” he said

Recently the President clearly states that the endless political rallies will soon end as he will order the IGP not to issue permit to any political party after 4th December election

Kandeh added that if President Barrow is beating his chest today, today is the day he will do that. “But those days when Jammeh said he will not step down, President Barrow ran out of the Gambia. But we didn’t run we were here” he said

GDC Leader stressed that Gambia’s politics is been spoiled by President Barrow himself because of his endless political meeting at the State House and insulting people. For five years now GDC don’t insult anyone but they themselves are always insulting one another with lies.

“And now all the Gambians people have notice that. I am apologizing on behalf of Jimara and we the people of Jimara are tired now, wherever I go people with mock me with measurements of 500 meters tree and asking if that type of tree is in Jimara. But I will make it clear that type of tree is not in Jimara. And Barrow thought that the State House is a Bantaba” he said

He said even the COVID-19 regulations President Barrow and his people are the ones violating all the COVID-19 regulations in the country.

Kandeh said Barrow is even confused right now adding that when the winner of next president is declared “who told him that he will be the winner of that election.

“I believe if the winner is declared if he is not there then the permit he was talking about , his NPP will be the one not to have that permit” This is so , because he Barrow is the one who said it, so I believe his party NPP will not have permit after the election. And those who didn’t say it those will be the parties who will look for and they will have it” he said

He reiterated that all the political parties are looking for the presidency while noting that that seat those not belong to anyone party, the seat is own by Gambian people. “Gambian should decide to vote in for that position and whoever they decide to be their choice shall own the seat” he concluded

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